Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will not dare to launch a nuclear strike, because he and his entourage are "not inclined to commit suicide."

This was stated by the former commander of the US Army in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, VVS-Ukraine informs.

According to Godges, the US will be forced to respond radically to Russia's alleged use of nuclear weapons, because "Russia can do it again.

China, Iran, North Korea are watching it."


Other countries

that have nuclear weapons can see - well, if the United States does not react seriously, then maybe they

will also be able to use nuclear weapons

to hold their neighbors hostage," the expert suggests.

Godges is convinced of the determination of Biden and his administration: "He (Biden) said, "Yes, of course, we will respond.

I won't tell you how, but it will change the face of the war for Russia."

The general suggested the Pentagon prepared a list of options for President Biden.

One of which would be, for example, the destruction of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.

"And, of course, the Kremlin knows that. So if they know that and realize that we're really going to do it, I think it's very unlikely that they're going to actually use nuclear weapons. I don't think that Putin and the people around him, whatever they weren't evil - that they were suicidal. And I think that the people who keep President Putin in power think that there will be life after him and that there will be Russia after him. So the West, the international community should focus on these people, saying, "Look, don't let him throw Russia off the cliff," Ben Godges concluded.

We will remind, on September 29, CNN, citing US intelligence, reported that the probability that Russian President Vladimir Putin will use tactical nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine may be the highest since the beginning of the full-scale invasion on February 24.

The day before, the Pentagon announced that they "take seriously" Putin's nuclear threats.

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