Lu Xiuyan's avatar was stolen to open a LINE account. Lu Xiuyan responded today and has been tracked down by the police.

(Photo by reporter Cai Shuyuan)

[Reporter Cai Shuyuan / Taichung Report] Recently, it has been reported in Taichung that 21 district chiefs have been fraudulently used photos to open LINE accounts, and then privately messaged the district chiefs to join the group, intending to borrow money from the district chiefs for fraud. She was deceived to borrow 880,000 yuan. Last night, it was reported that Mayor Lu Xiuyan was also recruited, and her avatar was also stolen to open a LINE account. Lu Xiuyan said today that the Internet fraud is serious, and the police have been tracked down!

Lu Xiuyan attended the completion ceremony of Futian 2nd Street in the Southern District this morning and responded to an interview that she and the district chief have also had their avatars stolen. Internet frauds should be more vigilant and be careful. The police have been tracked down, and the legal investigation is now very good. Try your best to do bad things.

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Taichung City has recently reported that 21 district chiefs, including Dali, Taiping, Shimizu, Xinshe, Fengyuan, Dongshi, Wuri, and Kamioka, have been fraudulently used. He borrowed money from the rior to commit fraud. Last night, the rior of Dali District also received a LINE signed by Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan and said, "Good night, I have changed this private account, and it is backed up in the office" and asked to add LINE. All have been alerted and quickly notified, deleted and blocked.

Lu Xiuyan was fraudulently used her avatar to set up a LINE account, and said, "Good night, I have changed this private account, and I will add LINE to the request that I have backed up at the public office."

(provided by the city)