[Central News Agency] Finland said today it will step up security measures for critical infrastructure after a suspected sabotage of the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea caused a massive leak.

"Our country has ordered all government agencies to prepare and improve security measures for various critical infrastructure," Finnish Finance Minister Annika Saarikko told reporters, according to Agence France-Presse. These include electricity and water networks.

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Sariko explained that the authorities are paying particular attention to the "Baltic Connector" (Baltic Connector), which is an important source of natural gas for Finland's industry.

Sariko pointed out that under the current situation, there is no news that Finland faces a "specific threat".

Of the three nuclear power plants in neighbouring Sweden, Ringhals and Forsmark have been raised to alert levels.

On the 26th of this month, two unexplained explosions occurred in the Nord Stream 1 (Nord Stream 1) and Nord Stream 2 (Nord Stream 2) gas pipelines that transport Russian natural gas to the Baltic Sea in Germany. Swedish and Danish authorities Air leaks were found at 3 locations.

A fourth leak was later discovered by the Swedish Coast Guard.

After the natural gas leak came to light, the prime ministers of Sweden, Denmark and several European leaders pointed out that the leak was caused by deliberate actions.

Moscow has denied being behind the bombing, and the United States has also rejected Moscow's claim that Washington was "ridiculous" in sabotaging pipelines.