The content launched by the video streaming platform Netflix is ​​often a topic of conversation. Unexpectedly, recently on the social platform, there have been reports of people being scammed by fake websites.


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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Recently, many people on social platforms reported that they received an email claiming to be from Netflix. The content was mixed with simplified Chinese characters and Chinese idioms, alleging that "Your automatic payment cannot be processed. Your subscription period will end in 2022. Ends September 20, 2018. To update your 'details', click the link below: Restart your membership now, update your payment method to continue Netflix functionality. Netflix Team".

The Taiwan Fact-Checking Center examines the link at the bottom of the online email. The URL begins with "", not the Netflix website "".

The Taiwan Fact-Checking Center said after inquiring about the Netflix customer service center that such letters with the subject matter are not ruled out as phishing or suspicious emails, and users are requested not to click any links or open any attachments to prevent personal information leakage or account theft.

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The Netflix customer service center mentioned to the verification center that if the user fails to deduct the payment, they will receive an email notification, but the user should be asked to identify the company mailbox. In addition, Netflix will not charge the customer for fees; if the user wants to change the credit card, you need to go to the official website. Log in to the account, or contact customer service, Netflix will not ask the user to click the link in the email to change it, and will never ask the user to enter personal information such as credit card or debit card number, bank account information, Netflix password in the text message or email, or Request payment through a third-party vendor or website.

The audit center consulted with Liu Yanbo, an information security expert and the global consumer market development and marketing associate of Trend Micro.

Liu Yanbo suggested that when receiving such suspicious emails, first check whether the sender's mailbox is, if not, don't believe it at all; second, if the content of the received letter is strange in Chinese, or mixed with You should also pay special attention to traditional and simplified characters. Third, you can check the company logo, customer service mailbox and other company information at the bottom of the letter. If you find that these links are not open, or cannot be clicked at all, it means it is fake.

According to Liu Yanbo's observation, Netflix scams first appeared in foreign countries and only recently entered Taiwan, and such scams are not only aimed at Netflix users, but have also occurred on other streaming platforms such as HBO, Disney+, CatchPlay, MOD, and KKTV. The public should Be alert.

Based on the above check results, the user will receive a letter if the deduction fails, but it will only be sent through the two URLs and, which is the official email of Netflix.

Netflix will not ask users to click on a link in the email to change their credit card, or enter personal information such as credit card or debit card numbers.

Therefore, rumors are "wrong" messages.

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