A dead body was heard in the car under a railway station viaduct in Pingtung late last night.

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[Reporter Chen Yanting / Pingtung Report] It was reported that a man's body was found in the car park under the viaduct of a railway station in a certain railway station in Pingtung County late last night. The police arrived at the scene and found that the man had been missing for nearly two months. Traces of fighting, initially sentenced to commit suicide.

The train station in Pingtung was not crowded originally, and the car was parked in a remote corner, so it was not discovered until yesterday that the man was a mummified corpse after he committed suicide. Call out horror.

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The police were reported to the scene and found the owner of the car according to the car number. After inquiring about the family of the car owner, they found that the man from Wandan Township was suspected to have been missing for a long time. It was found that there was no objection to the cause of death in the initial judgment. The police will report for inspection today to clarify the exact time of death.

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