Six people are known to be injured, two of them in critical condition, in a school shooting in Oakland, California.

(Associated Press)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A school shooting occurred in Oakland, California, USA. 6 people are known to be injured, 2 of them are in critical condition; according to police sources, the 6 victims are all adults "related to the school". Police are still looking for the shooter, who may have committed multiple crimes.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, a shooting occurred at 12:45 noon local time on the Oakland campus on the 28th; this campus has 4 different schools, providing services for different student groups, and the students are of a wide range of ages, from children to adults.

Police said the six injured in the case were all over 18 and "related to the school," but did not identify the victims.

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The police arrived at the scene after being reported. They found the victim before 1 pm that day, but did not find the suspect. At present, one person has been locked and actively searched. The case may be committed by multiple people.

The executive director of one of the schools, Seth Feldman, said in an interview that the shooting happened five minutes before the school was dismissed. If the shooting happened later, the consequences would be disastrous; Feldman also added that one of the middle The bomber, a security officer at the school, was shot in the leg.

Of the 6 injured, 2 are in critical condition, 1 victim has been discharged from the hospital, and 2 other victims have minor injuries and will also be discharged; Xu was allowed to return to school to pick up his car and personal belongings.