The announcement of mobilization increased the social cost of the war for Russia, since the country's population would now directly participate in it.  

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malyar announced this during a briefing on September 29.

"In view of the significant losses of enemy personnel, and these numbers are much greater than Ukrainian losses, as well as

in view of the inability of the Russian Federation to equip its units and units

, Russia announced the mobilization. Such measures are aimed at obtaining additional human resources for waging war in Ukraine, including at the expense of temporarily occupied territories after their illegal annexation," Malyar explained.

"The announcement of partial mobilization, the change in legislation, the strengthening of criminal liability, and the illegal holding of so-called referendums on the TOT 

indicate the intentions of the Russian Federation to escalate the conflict. 

Putin's announcement of partial mobilization increased the social cost of the war for the Russian Federation, since the Russian population will now directly participate in it." - said the deputy head of the Ministry of Defense.

She noted that earlier the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, avoided announcing mobilization in order to prevent a domestic negative reaction to the war.

"However, in his speech on September 21, he stated that Russia planned to annex the regions of Ukraine, and will use all available methods for this," Malyar said.

It will be recalled that earlier the General Staff of the Armed Forces warned that after the pseudo-referendums and mobilization in the Russian Federation, there may be an escalation at the front and an increase in the number of strikes on the critical infrastructure of Ukraine.

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