I have been through the experience of making news for various sports associations for more than 26 years.

What we see and happen...in our home sports industry is a matter of "leader" or "president of the association" that has many types.

and came into this industry with different purposes  

Some people came in because of politics.

Some people want to be known in the society.

Some people have come to inherit power or become a "nominee" for those who have prestige (informal) to fully care about!

But there are many sports leaders who are willing, hardworking, determined to develop their own association relentlessly. 

which this type of leader

Be the leader that I "stomp the likes" as much as possible!! 

A conspicuous example

In the past several years, I gave the 'Bodybuilding and Fitness Sports Association of Thailand' with "Big Sukree Supawareekul" sitting as the president of the association.

currently holding the reins

I know Khun Sukree

Since being the secretary of the previous Prime Minister's Muscle Training Association

Makes you have knowledge and know the bodybuilding industry, both in the country and abroad.

Unlike some hot-hit sports associations, where there are "leaders" sitting at the head of the table, they don't have any. 

I don't know where to manage each other's work.

The work that came out

"Salwan is getting shorter" unbelievably !!

Don't blame the decline for the "Covid virus" because other associations are affected all over the face. 

But got up and set up a foothold in developing his own sports industry... until he came back admirably. 

Especially Big Sukree's Bodybuilding Association

that never stops, various activities become "empty gear" 

The size of our country in the lockdown period

There are also exercise programs at home, such as "Calories Credit to Fight Cowit-19", which continually bring benefits to people.

and extending to bringing the results of exercise to exchange for a high-flow oxygen machine

to donate to hospitals in need

under the activity

Calorie credits help doctors 

This is the starting point for government agencies to expand the results as a project.

"Calories Credit Challenge" that is famous in the wind on .. to this day

The monarch pushes the muscles of the hardworking people.

He used to tell me that his greatest ambition was to become the president of the association. 

is to do however.. to support, promote and campaign for

“Bodybuilding sport” has truly become a part of the daily life of people of all classes, all levels, genders and ages. 

which finally succeeded

Change people's attitudes to look at bodybuilding...not just the world of muscular people.

But everyone has access to exercise too.

"Weight Training" thoroughly and tangible

Otherwise, it would not receive support from the Health Promotion Fund (ThaiHealth). 

to make a project

"Bodybuilding of all ages, bright every day" since 2012 until now, more than 10 years have passed. 

And in order to continue the bodybuilding project of all ages, bright every day, it has been expanded to include people in all sectors. 

Recently, the association has joined hands with the convenience store business Otteri Wash & Dry, which has more than seven hundred branches throughout Thailand. 

Managed to install Workout Fun 4 All equipment in 10 pilot branches to allow people who come to wash clothes in such branches to spend time waiting for laundry. 

Let's exercise with simple exercises.

That will help strengthen the body to be healthy and can also join in the fun by bringing calories from exercise to accumulate together with the Calorie Credit Challenge program of the Ministry of Tourism and Ki. sports as well

By this project, Mr. Kavin Nithatcharukul

Managing Director of K-Next Corporation Co., Ltd., the owner of the convenience store franchise Otteri Wash & Dry revealed that...

It is a project that meets the vision of the company "Creating Healthy Lifestlye Community" that wants to create a healthy society. 

“Usually, customers who come to use the service at the shop will sit and wait for clothes for about 1 hour. The activity that they do while waiting is playing mobile phones via the shop's free Wi-Fi.”

“ which putting exercise equipment at the shop

It will help customers to have activities that promote health in themselves.” 

“Come to Otteri, besides getting clean clothes.

Still getting a healthy body back as well.”

Believe that from now on, people who come to use the laundry service at the shop

Might be able to spend time between washing and exercising more conveniently.

Because the equipment recommended by the association is easy to train and will definitely increase the strength of the body as well.

For the Otteri laundromat, which is the pilot point of all 10 locations, consisting of a branch in Soi Kamnan Malai.

Bang Khun Thian, Thai Raman Road Branch

Khlong Sam Wa, Liap Khlong Song branch

Khlong Sam Wa, Lotus Bang Yai Branch, Suan Luang Rama 9 Branch, Soi Duangmanee Ngamwongwan Branch, Lotus Tiwanon Branch, PTT Bangbon Branch, Chaloem Phrakiat Rama 9 Branch and Soi Petchkasem 54 Branch 

which is convenient to wash where

I took the opportunity to exercise there.

without wasting time 

This is it.. that's why he called the president of the sports association like Big Sukree. 

That is the leader "Gear D" that only drives 'Drive' everything forward one ball.

Another type of prime minister

That everyone sings "Yee" and doesn't want to see each other again...in this

life is a "grade D" leader who lives day after day.

By keeping the "empty gear" 

Do not be ashamed of yourself  

- B Bangpakong -