The tree protection group questioned that the cement paving caused the tree hole to shrink, which might cause the old tree to suffocate.

(Courtesy of Forest City Association)

[Reporter Hong Chenhong / Kaohsiung Report] The Kaohsiung City Government rebuilt the sidewalk of Zuoying Road, and the tree protection group accused the Triangle Park next to Haiqing Industry and Commerce that a large area of ​​cement and soil was poured into it, which may cause the trees to suffocate and die. The linden tree is also a special commemorative tree in Kaohsiung City, and Mayor Chen Qimai is called on to save the old tree.

The Maintenance Office of the Public Works Bureau denied that cement was poured into the roots of the trees, but instead reserved space for the tree holes.

Kaohsiung Forest City Association and other tree protection groups held high the petitions of "Mayor Qimai save the old tree", "Illegal construction of cement to kill the tree", and "Remove the cement to save the old tree" in Triangle Park today, demanding an immediate suspension of work and inviting tree protection experts Discuss follow-up restoration work to allow the old tree to breathe.

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Zhuang Jieren, chairman of the Forest City Association, pointed out that the Triangle Park has memories of a naval military village. About 10 old trees in the area are over 50 years old. Among them, there are also linden trees that are listed as special memorials in Kaohsiung, but they have not been reported. The tree protection plan was under construction, causing the crisis of suffocation of the old tree.

He said that the main root system of the big tree is within the drip line of the canopy, and the practice of filling the root system of these 10 old trees with cement will cause the trees to lack oxygen. In addition, the soil cover is too high, and the soil cover of the whole group exceeds 30 cm. The repeated pressing of construction machinery and tools to harden the soil will also cause the soil to harden, which will aggravate the problem of oxygen deficiency in tree roots.

The Maintenance Office of the Public Works Bureau denied pouring cement into the roots of the tree, but instead reserved the space for the tree hole and poured cement pavement around the tree hole and above the soil. The original hard pavement around the old tree was 470 square meters, but it was reduced to 380 square meters. The tree hole also expanded.

The Department of Maintenance pointed out that the "old trees" in Triangle Park are banyan trees, and the project plans to set tree holes of more than 4 meters in diameter along the periphery of the tree perimeter, and no root blocking boards are provided, and only necessary barrier-free pavement pavements are provided around the periphery; There is no tree pruning or other treatment for the tree Bodhi tree. In order to expand the tree cavity space, in addition to maintaining a 3-meter wide walkway, the old hard pavement has been removed.

The tree protection group called on Mayor Chen Qimai to save the old tree.

(Courtesy of Forest City Association)

Comparison pictures of Triangle Park before and after reconstruction.

(Courtesy of Forest City Association)

Tree care groups have questioned that large areas of cement suffocated old trees.

(Courtesy of Forest City Association)