Chen Shizhong, the Democratic Progressive Party's candidate for mayor of Taipei, went to Dongmen Market to pray for votes this morning.

(Photo by reporter He Yuhua)

[Reporter He Yuhua/Taipei Report] Chen Shizhong, a candidate for the Taipei mayoral election of the Democratic Progressive Party, said a few days ago that "some candidates should pay attention to their own morals." Eloquence; Chen Shizhong apologized in an interview today (29), saying, "I said that he had a slap in the face or something, but he had no eloquence, so I apologize to him."

Senior media person Zhou Yukou was dissatisfied with the insinuation of his relationship with Chen Shizhong, and sued Ke Wenzhe and Jiang Wanan for smearing and smearing. Hearing this, he hit back, pointing out that Chen Shizhong once criticized him for being "kicking up" after he ran for election. Who should pay attention to his eloquence?

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Chen Shizhong went to the East Gate Market this morning to ask for tickets and apologized when he was asked about the incident, saying, "I said he had no morals, so I apologized to him." Is your election going up or down?

Chen Shizhong paused and thought for a moment, then said that he did not want to comment on other people's elections, thinking that it was a strategy of his, he just wanted to remind candidates that in the end what the citizens need is policies and a government with executive power, and they should move in this direction. effort.

Chen Shizhong, for example, said that Jiang Wanan was always in the mood for reviewing the content and information of the group. Jiang served as the convening committee to preside over the meeting last year. In terms of this repeated attitude, Jiang Wan'an's future as the chief executive will make people question whether he will repeat it again and again, making it difficult for anything to be carried out.

This is also the reason why it is "hard to believe" that Jiang Wanan will complete the giant dome within one year.