In Russia, they plan to send even Moscow firefighters to the war in Ukraine.

The Russian publication SOTA writes about it.

As it became known, a meeting of fire and rescue center employees is being held in Moscow.

Summons are issued to those who live in the capital of the Russian Federation, and residents of the Moscow region are persuaded to sign a contract and receive Moscow service allowances.

In addition, contractors are promised sleeping bags, mats, dry patches, thermal underwear, two T-shirts, two bottles of water and personal hygiene items.

"A total of 400 fire fighters are planned to be recruited for the war in two days, the publication's sources inform.

At the same time, fire services belong to the civil defense forces, assigned to rescue people in critical situations," the publication added.

We will remind that in Russia, a conscript escaped after the Kamaz, which was transporting conscripts, broke down.

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