German MP Katrin Budde (first from right) meets with Xie Zhiwei (second from right).

(Picture taken from Facebook)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A few days ago, the DPP legislator Zhang Honglu and the director of the German Economic Office Lin Baike revealed that a German friendly delegation will come to Taiwan in October. Representative Xie Zhiwei in Germany said on Facebook: "This will be The first German parliamentary delegation to Taiwan in more than two years due to Covid."

Xie Zhiwei wrote on Facebook that he met with German MP Katrin Budde (the Social Democratic Party (SPD), one of the three ruling parties) on the 28th, and the other party was quite supportive of Taiwan. Speaker Pelosi's visit to Taiwan." After the end, he posted a photo with Xie Zhiwei and others on Facebook.

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Xie Zhiwei said that Bude said on Facebook that the congressional delegation would start a visit to Taiwan on Saturday, so he held a meeting with Taiwan representative Xie Zhiwei on the 28th, and also mentioned that for Taiwan, which is threatened by China, "We must defend this democratic country together."