"I have not heard that there have been such talks. I suspect that if such talks had been held, I would have known about them. We have three priorities on which we will conduct negotiations. The first is a clear value and political choice of the country for Western civilization against the Eastern despotic-tyrannical aggressor, that aggressor gains nothing from his aggression. Anyone who does not share this view will hardly win our support. The second priority is the rule of law, the third is fiscal prudence with a view to entering the Eurozone. And the devil guarantees us these three priorities - and we will enter into talks with him", commented the candidate for deputy from the Democratic Party Georgi Ganev in the studio of "The Day ON AIR" when asked if "Democratic Bulgaria" is ready

"Democratic Bulgaria" is a center-right political association, composed of "for compromises and have talks been held with GERB and DPS.

He is adamant that they will not miss any opportunity for talks on these three priorities.

"If GERB wants talks, they will have to assure us that they will actively support these priorities, with the clear awareness that there is a political price for this - it will be very difficult for GERB to convince us, but they can. Although they from For years they say one thing and do another," Ganev said.

Delyan Dobrev (GERB): I would have stayed at the debate with Kiril Petkov

He was categorical that they would not set conditions for Borisov's role.

"I suppose that in such a complex coalition situation, no party leader should have the pretension to become prime minister. We should be united around a figure for prime minister who guarantees the agreed priorities. This could be a step towards solution to the puzzle, I don't envy the party leaders, it will be very difficult for them", predicts the candidate for deputy. 

He expressed the opinion that talk of a debt spiral is greatly exaggerated.  

"The great slide down the debt spiral was 30-odd years ago. At this point I don't see any reason to think it's something that's going to happen inevitably. But there should be one thing in the minds of everyone who makes budget decisions " warned the guest.

It also specified that the pensions should be for length of service and contributions.

And for those in extreme need, social benefits will be granted through the general budget.

Democratic Bulgaria

Georgi Ganev