Gao Manrong won the first prize for talent, best spirit and Internet popularity in the Miss Universe Asia International Beauty Pageant. On the 29th, she visited the Nantou County Council to show off her trophy and ribbons.

(Photo by reporter Chen Fengli)

[Reporter Chen Fengli / Nantou Report] Gao Manrong, who represented Taiwan in the Miss Asia International Beauty Pageant held in Malaysia, shed tears at the venue when she attended the opening ceremony of the World Innovation and Technology Conference on the 13th.

When she visited the Nantou County Council today, she said that after the incident, the local media reported it. Many strangers sent messages to cheer her up. She attended various events. Many people recognized her and called her "Taiwan" from a distance. She also participated in the competition. Jiali posted on the Internet platform "Why does China keep suppressing Taiwan?" She said that winning the first place in talent, Internet popularity award and best spirit award in the finals, letting more people see Taiwan is the biggest gain .

Gao Manrong represented Taiwan in the Miss Universe Asia International Beauty Pageant as "Miss Molin". Today, accompanied by executive director of Molin Cultural Association You Huiyu, international general manager Huang Shuhui, chairman Liu Ruiqi, and others, they visited the Nantou County Council. Gao Manrong's Puli Township Deputy Speaker Pan Yiquan was in charge of the reception, and Nantou County Mayor Lin Mingqin also presented a trophy engraved with the name of Gao Manrong's award to her.

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The county magistrates Lin Mingqin, Pan Yiquan and others are very concerned about the suppression of Gao Manrong at the opening ceremony of the World Innovation and Technology Conference. The staff of the Morin Cultural Association revealed that the three people who did not let Manrong take the national flag on the stage to say hello should be Chinese manufacturers. Manrong later burst into tears at the venue, the organizer came to apologize, and the local media also reported that the content was biased towards supporting Taiwanese beauties, which made Gao Manrong famous. Even the show director of the competition said to Manrong: "You are very good now. Red!".

Huang Shuhui, the international general manager of the Morin Cultural Association, also said that many contestants learned about Manrong's suppression and posted on the Internet platform "Why does China always suppress Taiwan?" Many people supported Taiwan in different ways. .

There were no Taiwanese audience in the finals, but Manrong received the biggest applause, as evidenced by winning the Internet Popularity Award.

Gao Manrong pointed out that after being unable to come to the stage to say hello on the evening of the 13th, there was originally a schedule behind, and the organizer thoughtfully sent her back to rest first, but changed her mind that night to perform better in the game and win glory for the country, so that more people can see Taiwan , so no matter walking, talent show, I practice again and again.

Gao Manrong said that after the crackdown, she received a lot of messages from people to cheer her up, and many of them were locals. Afterwards, they participated in various activities. Some people saw her wearing a "Taiwan" streamer, and they happily greeted her. She waved and shouted "Taiwan", and her name was "Taiwan" during that time.

Gao Manrong (middle), accompanied by officials of the Morin Cultural Association, visited the Nantou County Council, where he was received by Deputy Speaker Pan Yiquan (4th from left), and the county magistrate Lin Mingqin (4th from right) also presented a trophy to Gao Manrong.

(Photo by reporter Chen Fengli)

During Gao Manrong's competition in Malaysia, many people would happily call her "Taiwan" when they saw her, and the contestants also supported her very much.

(Provided by Maureen Cultural Association)