Every year at the end of September, believers celebrate an important holiday -

honoring the memory of the martyrs Vera, Nadia, Lyubov and their mother Sophia


These women are examples of courage, resilience and faith.

On this day, the owners of these four names traditionally receive congratulations on the day of the angel, and other women must pray to the saints to receive protection and blessings.

The holiday always


on September 30


And therefore, in 2022, Faith, Hope, Love and Sophia will be celebrated on Friday.

Faith, Hope, Love and Sophia: the history of the holiday

In the II century, the widow Sophia together with her three daughters (Vira, Nadia and Lyubov) went to Rome.

They professed Christianity, and at that time on the territory of this city Christians were subjected to cruel persecution.

However, Sofia was not afraid of torture and even death.

Therefore, she continued to sincerely believe in God and raised her children according to Christian rules.

She even named them after the three main Christian virtues.

Over time, rumors about the pious Christian family reached Emperor Hadrian, who ordered the four women to be captured and brought to his court.

He sent his daughters to prison, but he began to persuade Sophia to renounce her faith.

However, she was adamant and said that she would endure any torture from the emperor.

Then the Romans executed the girls and gave their remains to their mothers.

In grief, Sofia buried the bodies of her dear children, and she herself died 3 days later.

Thus, Vera, Nadiya, Lyubov and Sophia were included among the saints.

Traditions of this day

Women mourned and cried for Faith, Hope, Love and Sophia / Photo: pixabay.com

In the people, September 30 is still called "Universal Women's Name Day" or "Grandmother's Day".

According to tradition, this day always began with a woman's cry, which served, according to beliefs, as a kind of amulet.

Even those women who had nothing to complain about began to wail and complain in the morning.

They cried then not about their fate, but about the fate of their relatives and friends.

In the folk tradition, tears are not only an expression of sadness and grief, but also a form of peculiar ritual behavior.

For example, the bride also always "cried" before the wedding, as if saying goodbye to her native home.

And that's why they believed that if you cry on September 30, nothing bad will happen to you and your loved ones for the whole year.

On the one hand, crying reminded Sofia of the suffering she had to go through after losing her daughters.

And on the other hand, it was a special custom that was intertwined with pagan traditions among our ancestors.

Also, on September 30, "village holidays" were traditionally arranged - young people gathered for parties.

There they met, showed themselves and tried to find a couple.

And if the fire of love was already burning in the girl's soul, then on this day she had to cry loudly, so that the feelings of the condemned would not diminish for many more years.

Married women had their own rituals on September 30.

They necessarily bought three candles in the church, put two of them in the church, and brought one home.

At midnight, it was placed in the middle of a loaf of bread, which was baked the day before, placed on the table and sacred words about protection from evil were said 40 times.

Households were necessarily fed with cow in the morning.

And even crumbs from it were forbidden to throw away.

Sophia, Faith, Hope and Love: what not to do

  • On September 30, women do not work around the house or do housework.

  • It is forbidden to match and get married, because the marriage will be unhappy and quickly fall apart.

  • Do not embroider, sew, knit.

  • Do not slander, do not quarrel and do not wish others harm.

A strong prayer to Faith, Hope, Love and Sophia for all women

Prayer for the holiday of Faith, Hope, Love and Sophia / Photo: pixabay.com

Today, every woman should read a special prayer that will protect her from evil and misfortune:

Oh, holy and worthy martyrs Faith, Hope and Love and wise mother Sophia of courageous daughters, we turn to you now with a sincere prayer;

because who can intercede for us before the Lord, if not faith, hope and love, these three cornerstone virtues, the image of which you showed on yourself!

Beseech the Lord to cover us with His indescribable grace in sorrows and calamities, to save and preserve us as a good and man-loving person.

Seeing His glory like the setting sun, help us in our humble prayers, so that the Lord God will forgive our sins and iniquities and have mercy on us sinners and unworthy for the sake of His bounties.

Pray for us, holy martyrs, to our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom we raise the glory, with his eternal Father and the Holy One, and the good and life-creating Spirit now, and always, and forever and ever.