Ubon Ratchathani, the situation is hot!

From the big city in the quiet northeastern country

Instead, there are many cases of aggressive shootings and killings?

Since the shocking case at the beginning of August, the big Kham gang (Phaya Yo shop) and the Wat Tai beach gang (Ekamai shop) dragged a variety of guns, including war weapons.

Shots fired at Ubon Square

Two people were killed and many more were injured.

The case rocked the Royal Thai Police.

Because it is an outrageous case that challenges the power of the state.

causing panic among the villagers

Pol Gen Suwat

Chaengyodsuk, the police chief, ordered

Pol Gen Suchart

Teerasawad, deputy police chief, and

Pol Lt Gen Surachet Hakpal,

who Assist the police chief to coordinate with

Pol Lt. Gen. Somprasong

Yenthum, Commander-in-Chief of the Police 3, lead the team to solve the case.

Before an arrest warrant was issued for both sides, a total of 20 people, including 7 large gangs and 13 Wat Tai gangs, had already been arrested, 18 of them left, the remaining two still fled.

The situation is likely to calm down.

But isn't that so?

Just over a month has passed.

Instead, there was a brutal attack on the owner of the Sixty Nine Bar in Warin Chamrap district, where three people were seriously injured and dismantled hard drives and CCTV cameras.

It's a serious case that's recurring in the area.

Ubon Ratchathani Province

Ubon Ratchathani police can't stay

Hurry up to investigate the case.

Mr. Joke and Lt. Gen. Surachet Hakpal

had to come back to see that

It is the same network gang as the Tai Temple group.

Who just dragged the weapons of war to attack the enemy until there were injuries and deaths!

Gathering evidence to issue an arrest warrant for a gang of 7 people, led by

Mr. Ekarin or Sia Ek Soontramethakul,

45 years old, the ringleader, the cause is not much.

Just a girl close to arguing with the shop owner?

So he announced his supremacy and brought them to destroy the whole store!

Made the motto "Ubon, the city of beautiful lotus flowers, two colored rivers, many delicious fish, rocky beaches,

Thai philosopher

hordes of righteousness

beautiful candle

Prehistoric Pha Taem

wise local wisdom

The land of the monument of good people, Sri Ubon, "all dull

The truth must decisively subdue these gangs.

Open siege operations

Bring yourself to make history.

Don't let anyone be bigger than the law?