"Armenia does not adequately respond to the initiatives of Azerbaijan and the international community to ensure peace and cooperation in the South Caucasus region.

On the contrary, the official Yerevan is interested in the continuation of tension in the region.

By maintaining this atmosphere of tension, Armenia manipulates international public opinion and tries to target Azerbaijan."

Fatma Yıldırım, a member of the Milli Majlis, said this in her statement to APA.

The deputy said that Azerbaijan liberated our lands from Armenian occupation during the 44-day Patriotic War and defeated the Armenian army.

But it seems that after this defeat and military-diplomatic bankruptcy, the tendencies of revanchism in Armenia are getting stronger.

Armenia's successive provocations and the events of September 13-14 are the peak of this.

Also, as proof of Armenia's destructive position, it can be shown that it refuses to fulfill the demands reflected in the tripartite statement, especially that it does not withdraw the military personnel and equipment that are still illegally in the territory of Azerbaijan, and tries to maintain its military presence in Karabakh by various means."

According to the deputy, the final goal of these manipulations, provocations and political adventures of Armenia is to slow down or destroy the peace process.

Pashinyan's rule threatens the new architecture that has formed in the region, very positive opportunities for cooperation, development and security, and tries to attack the new prospects that have opened up.

On the other hand, Armenia clearly sees the scope of the work done in the territories freed from occupation, and knows that the integration of Armenians living in Karabakh into Azerbaijani society is inevitable.

One of the goals of disrupting the peace process is to undermine this process.

Fatma Yıldırım noted that in the previous period, the official Yerevan relied on the CSTO, but recent events have shown that this country has already changed its orientation and is openly looking for support in the West.

Thus, Armenia is already thinking of bringing NATO to the region and realizing its revanchist goals with the help of the West.

The statements of the official representatives of some Western countries seem to "encourage" Pashinyan's government.

"However, world states and international organizations should clearly see the essence of the current policy of Armenia and correctly assess its true intentions.

If Armenia is not forced to peace, instability will continue in the region.

It is very interesting that politicians and deputies in a number of countries are talking about the inadmissibility of violating territorial integrity in order to support Armenia.

But why were they silent when Armenia occupied Azerbaijani lands for 30 years?

Why were they not with the right and justice?

These facts are indicative of double standards in the world.

Azerbaijan relies on international legal norms in its position.

The occupying, aggressor state is Armenia.

Today, the international community is just trying to form a wrong opinion about our country.

In such a case, it is unacceptable for someone to accuse our country.

"If the international community and world powers want to ensure peace and stability in our region, they should put pressure on Armenia," said the deputy.