Georgians support Ukrainians and are not happy to see Russians.

In particular, in a cafe in Tbilisi, they invented an original way to provoke the inhabitants of the aggressor country.

Actress Darya Tregubova

told about it in Instagram-stories


The celebrity showed what "surprise" awaits Russians in a Georgian cafe.

So, in the check, the Georgians left an eloquent appeal to the residents of the aggressor country, in which they made it clear that Ukraine would give them a worthy rebuff.

"So that the fields are broad, and the Dnipro is steep. The Muscovites have become across your throats," the check reads.

A check in a cafe in Tbilisi / Photo:

However, the Russians did not appreciate such a post in Daria's photo blog.

Yes, they started complaining, so Instagram deleted Tregubova's story.

"The poor occupiers can only complain about our guards," the celebrity concluded.


We will remind, meanwhile, the actor Yury Velikiy originally

covered the mobilization in Russia


He filmed a funny parody of a Russian woman who complains about such a decision of the authorities.

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