Taitung County Magistrate Rao Qingling is seeking re-election, launching a new wave of campaign propaganda "All-age friendly, happy Taitung."

(Photo by reporter Chen Xianyi)

[Reporter Chen Xianyi / Taitung Report] Taitung County Mayor Rao Qingling is seeking re-election. The campaign headquarters released a new wave of campaign propaganda "All-age friendly, happy Taitung", including various welfare measures to protect the elderly, the weak, women and children in the county for 4 years; Rao Qingling said , The goal has always been to build Taitung into a happy home regardless of age. Political achievements are the best report card. In the future, we will do more to benefit more people in need.

The campaign headquarters stated that Rao Qingling has made every effort to promote social welfare policies for all ages in the past four years, so that the elderly and weak women and children in the county can be taken care of.

The elderly population in Taitung is gradually increasing. In order to allow the elderly to grow old healthily and happily, not only 90 community care centers and 13 Jufu canteens have been established, but also 59 more Wenjian stations have been established in the past four years, bringing the county's total to 103 stations. With 7 multi-care service centers, Taitung’s long-term care service coverage rate is 82%, ranking third in the country. Together with the launch of the country’s first free reading glasses for people over 60 years old, it has served more than 16,000 seniors so far, and has subsidized group karaoke machines for the elderly. Public broadcast fees, continue to organize Evergreen Academy, Grandpa Milk Coffee Mobile Car, Evergreen Volunteer Outreach Activities, etc., to enhance the social participation of the elderly.

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Through these efforts, Taitung's average life expectancy has increased by 1.15 years, ranking second in the country. It has also won the first national award of excellence in the "Healthy City and Age-Friendly City".

In order to further create a friendly environment for all ages, Rao Qingling also instructed the county government team to take the initiative to apply for micro-insurance to protect the 10,437 disadvantaged county residents in the county; for women and friends, it launched the first national policy to advance free breast cancer screening to the age of 40, and create a new The mammography Pap smear tour vehicle, which travels to the village to serve the folks.

In addition, in order to reduce the burden on families in the county and create a more friendly and excellent parenting environment, starting from encouraging childbirth, the childbirth subsidy has been increased to the highest in the country, 30,000 yuan for the first child and 36,000 yuan for the second child and above, and free childcare at the government. Guidance has served more than 1,000 mothers, and it is the first to launch public childcare nationwide, so that the monthly fees for public and private childcare are the same, with full-time nursery doctors and 24-hour pediatric emergency care, making the county’s childcare environment more complete.

Rao Qingling said that in the future, we will continue to strengthen medical and health care services, continue to aim to improve the average life expectancy of county residents, and will also increase the collection capacity and build a more complete breeding environment; a dense and diverse care network will be widely distributed, so that the elderly can feel at ease Retirement, and continue to build a friendly LOHAS Taitung for all ages.

Rao Qingling's campaign headquarters launched a new publicity, detailing Rao's 4 years of social welfare and governance.

(Reported by reporter Chen Xianyi)