Today (29 Sep) there is important news that must be followed continuously until tomorrow.

After this and the next several days

Not the news of the Constitutional Court

Will Prime Minister Uncle Tu stay or go?

But the news of Typhoon Noru

A huge super typhoon makes landfall in central Vietnam at a speed of 180 km per hour.

After that, Typhoon Noru will pass through Laos and weaken to a depression heading into Thailand in the province of Ubon.

Ratchathani this morning (29 Sep)

before deflecting to the north and flicking his tail out of Thailand tomorrow afternoon (30 Sept)!!

"Super Typhoon Noru" will carry enormous rainfall to hit the northeastern, northern, central and eastern regions of Thailand, the heaviest in 10 years!!

Flooding is expected to occur in more than 70 percent of Thailand's area.

A large mass of water will run down from the lower North and the upper central region through Ayutthaya into Bangkok and its vicinities.

before discharging into the Gulf of Thailand

If a large mass of water pushes together at the navel of Thailand

The most troubled person is "Dr. Chatchart Sitthiphan", the Bangkok governor, who is preparing a plan to prevent flooding in Bangkok to the fullest!!

"Mae Luk Chan" sees that Thailand is lucky to have Vietnam and Laos as front lines to receive the attack of Super Typhoon Noru before it penetrates Thailand.

Equal to Vietnam and Laos, it is a shock absorber to absorb 2 layers of shock, causing the storm to weaken by 50 percent!!

but still

this giant storm

will cause heavy rain

Unprecedented heavy flooding

Heavier than Typhoon Dian Mu

Last year, many times!!

During August, there are 2 storms ricocheting through Thailand.

Storm Mulan and Storm Ma On carry heavy rain to pour into the northeastern region.

As a result, many provinces in the Northeast have flooded each other.

for Super Typhoon Noru

This is the first storm of this year that has hit Thailand in full swing!!

The Meteorological Department expects that in mid-October this year, there will be a new storm booking queue to attack Thailand.

"Mae Luk Chan" hopes that the third storm this year's end of the year will lead the way up to the upper northern region.

to bring rainwater to fill the Bhumibol Dam with only 51 percent of the water in the dam

and carry rainwater to fill the Sirikit Dam

with only 48 percent of the water in the dam.

If this lock is entered, the two major dams in Thailand will have ample reserves of water for next year's dry season.

"Mae Luk Chan" emphasizes that nature is beyond control.

When a storm hits Thailand, there is usually a big flood.

If the water drains quickly

The flood did not last long.

but if the drainage is delayed

The floods flooded together over Mortai.

Bangkok is located at the end of the gateway to the Gulf of Thailand.

This draw seems to be difficult to survive, Yom??

"Moon Moon"