Political expert Dmytro Vasiliev named the main reasons why


may intervene in the war in Ukraine.

The expert reported this in an exclusive interview with TSN.ua.

"Can NATO intervene in the war in Ukraine? If nuclear weapons are used, yes; if there is, roughly speaking, an accident at one of our nuclear plants and radiation enters European territory and the territory of NATO countries, yes, this is the second reason. This from what's happening now, from those key risks that we see. I think those are the key, maybe, reasons why NATO can get involved," he said.

We will remind, Ukrainian intelligence believes that the

risk of Russia using nuclear weapons is very high


Ukraine needs anti-missile systems.

Occupiers can use tactical nuclear weapons along the entire front line to prevent the advance of Ukrainian troops. 

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, also stated the existence of risks of Russia's use of nuclear weapons.


the quality and condition of such weapons raises questions.

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