"The progress of recent processes shows that Yerevan is losing its political dividends along with its military capabilities."

MP Bahruz Maharramov said this in his statement to APA.

The deputy said that the 5 principles presented by Azerbaijan and based on international law stand out as the main framework criteria in the Washington process, which has already emerged as the third platform: has become a mandatory obligation.

But, unfortunately, Armenia is trying to give more weight to the rhetoric of revenge with the incitement of the diaspora and different air powers than the implementation of its obligations.

This, as the former president of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan himself stated, calls into question the statehood and existence of Armenia."

Bahruz Maharramov noted that Azerbaijan waited for 30 years and hoped for a peace process, and even today, despite being the victorious and strong side, it is the side that has tried the most to sign a final peace agreement that will lead to a peaceful conclusion of the processes within the framework of international law and an atmosphere of cooperation: "Even at the time It works in favor of Azerbaijan.

Unlike Azerbaijan, Yerevan is losing both to time and to the course of geopolitical processes.

In fact, ending the process a moment earlier serves Yerevan's own interests.

We have to admit that we have been observing the positions of the Armenian leadership that contain this conclusion over time.

However, external influences, including the criminal couple Kocharyan-Sarkisyan, who have a certain social base in the country,

as well as, Armenia's current national ideology based on terrorism makes the acceptance of the conditions put forward by Azerbaijan and the possibility of saving Yerevan itself a threat to Pashinyan.

As a result, internal reactionary political processes, as well as obvious support for reactionaries from abroad, are rapidly destroying Armenia.

It must be said clearly that there is no issue that Azerbaijan has lost or will lose, our border integrity is ensured, there are exceptional results in the construction of the army and the defense industry, the return has already begun, and the construction recovery process, including the infrastructure, is being reshaped at full speed.

At the same time, strategic points in all directions of contact with Armenia are under full control of Azerbaijan.

That is, under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev, Azerbaijan is implementing the set goals one by one.