Online insurance comes to the rescue, which has practically no disadvantages.

Let's look at its general advantages:

Service availability

You don't need to go anywhere or drive, waste time.

24/7 access to the necessary contracts can be obtained with only a smartphone and a working Internet

Convenience and speed

You can purchase a contract wherever you are.

After taking out the policy online, you will receive the policy by e-mail within a short time.

The whole process - from purchase to receipt - can take about 15-20 minutes.

Ease of storage.

In most cases, the e-policy does not need to be printed.

It is stored in a mobile phone or tablet.

And with the application, everything is always at hand, all the details of contracts.

Reliability of purchase.

The electronic policy cannot be falsified, it is recorded in the SC database and stored there all the time.

A paper form can be lost or even purchased a fake if the company is not well known.

So, in practice, we only see the advantages of online insurance, there are no disadvantages.

Realizing the needs of customers, ARX insurance - the leader of the insurance market of Ukraine, which has been present on it for 28 years - offers the following types of auto insurance online:


This is a mandatory policy for car owners in Ukraine.

It protects the driver's liability to third parties in the event of an accident.

Its essence is as follows: if you become the culprit of the accident, then the compensation of damages to the victims becomes the problem of the insurance company, not yours.

Such a policy can be purchased on the company's website in 5-7 minutes and received by e-mail.

The company offers several types of "Autocivilka", everyone can choose what suits him.

Green card

This policy is mandatory for insurance abroad.

The principle of its action is the same as in the Ukrainian "Autocivilka": the policy allows you to avoid fines and significant financial costs in the event of an accident in a foreign country and compensates the injured party for the damage. one click on the company website.

Then it is better to print the policy, because at the border they often ask for a printed version.

The policy begins 24 hours after purchase.

As part of the Green Card, ARX additionally offered clients a completely unique service: the Autoconcierge service.

The essence of the service is that in the event of an insurance event abroad, you can receive information assistance in your native language around the clock.

To do this, you need to contact the company by phone or through the "MyARX" application.

In addition, the client can be provided with technical assistance on the road or with the evacuation of the car.

The company launched this service so that citizens of Ukraine, finding themselves abroad, do not feel "alone" in a situation of additional stress.

The MyARX app

This application is really very useful for the customers of the company.

It stores both "Autocivilka" and "Green Card" contracts, and in general all contracts.

In the application, you can see at any time: the number of the insurance contract, the insurance program, the term of the contract, the contact phone number for contacting the insurance company.

Insurance contracts will be shown even if there is no Internet connection on the smartphone, which has become especially relevant for wartime.

You can download the new version or mobile application in AppStore and PlayMarket.

So, with just your smartphone, you can buy auto insurance policies online, then download an app to easily manage your contracts, all in less than 30 minutes.

With ARX, online is convenient and safe