Today (30 September 2022) is the last day of the fiscal year 2022 and tomorrow (October 1, 2022) will be the beginning of the new fiscal year.

2023...faster than New Year's Eve

welcome new year

According to traditions around the world, 3 full months

Besides being the end of the fiscal year, September 30 of every year is also the last day of work.

of Thai civil servants who have reached the age of 60, who must retire

from being a full-time civil servant to being a pensioner

Get a little less salary

But you don't have to work at all.

Comfortable for the rest of your life because there is a government system to take care of you.

both salary

and medical expenses

for all civil servants

go powerless

So much luck, no high rank, no high rank, no strength, no fertile camp, no authority.

Or issuing licenses for important matters, won't feel much when the day arrives.

Looking back, it's good again.

will have a full rest

Able to live comfortably

without needing to be in the frame

or in various disciplines

that the bureaucratic system was created anymore

but for government officials who used to have ascendancy powers

Or is there something in the many things that I wrote in the previous paragraph?

You may feel a bit disappointed and disappointed.

There is often a story that government officials who used to have the prestige.

That this often feels lonely, lonely, to the point of thinking too much.

and if you are not careful

may turn into depression

that suddenly the life that used to have power over others

can order this person

I can't change back to order anyone.

for carelessness

Civil servants who used to have rank and luck, please prepare yourself.

and make up your mind in advance

For September 30 this year, in addition to the general government retirement day.

As you already's also retirement day.

or the downtime of

A special

"government agency"

that plays a huge role

to help solve the big problems of Thailand

Including the Center for Management of the Epidemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019, which we abbreviated as “CDC.” That's it.

Must admit that in the war against the COVID-19 epidemic

terrifying in the past two years.

CCC has performed its duties with dedication and commendation as the Combat Command for the fight against COVID-19.

Until our country can get through this great crisis with the damage that is not considered too much.

It is recognized by the World Health Organization.

How to solve the Covid-19 crisis

This time in Thailand, we performed excellently at the top of the world level.

I don't have enough space to sign, put in place, or structure.

CCC has all

But I think that the reader would know the story and remember the faces and roles of everyone in

CCC is already doing well.

Thank you once again, Prof.

It comes to another important matter that will happen on September 30 this year... namely

Appointment to announce the results of the Constitutional Court's decision that

Will General Prayut Chan-ocha's prime ministership be

"8 years old"

as the decision has been submitted?

If the court decides that it is not yet 8 years old, Big Tu survived.

Has returned to take a new position until the end of the term...but if the diagnosis is complete

It's that you can't go on...that's the end of being Prime Minister.

This story has nothing to do with retirement news.

But it became a thrilling story that turned the retirement day into a day of unexpected political encounters...because there were both sides who wanted Big Tu to

"pass the exam"


"fail the exam".

I would like to leave only that

Ask everyone to respect the rules.

Respect the court

Whatever you decide, please accept your decision...not that you like it, then accept it...not like it, prepare to that.

Certainly not correct

And it's definitely not a democracy that all parties demand.

As I learned at the beginning.

Today is New Year's Eve to welcome the new year.

Even if it's a fiscal year, it's considered the same year.

New Year's Eve like this should be an auspicious day.

May everything go through auspiciously... Government officials who retire today will be able to retire at home with peace of mind.