After the USS Reagan nuclear-powered aircraft completed a four-year US-South Korea exercise, Ming continued to conduct anti-submarine military exercises with Japan and South Korea.

(Associated Press)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The U.S. and South Korean navies will hold large-scale joint exercises in the Sea of ​​Japan (called the East China Sea in South Korea) from the 26th. ) held a joint anti-submarine exercise for the first time in five years.

According to the Yonhap News Agency, the South Korean navy revealed that the South Korean and U.S. navies will conduct joint anti-submarine exercises with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force in the eastern waters of the Korean Peninsula. The purpose is to strengthen the ability to respond to North Korea's escalating submarine-launched ballistic missiles and other submarine threats, and to improve the three countries' ability to detect, identify and track North Korean submarines.

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The South Korean navy will dispatch the "Munmu Dawang" destroyer, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force will dispatch the "Asahi" destroyer, and the U.S. Navy will mobilize the "Reagan" nuclear-powered ship and the Aegis missile cruiser "Chancellesville" (USS). Chancellorsville CG-62), Burke-class Aegis destroyer "Berry" (USS Barry DDG-52) and other warships participated.