We are talking about the USA, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Romania.

The statement of the Italian embassy is published on the official website of the embassy.


In connection with the latest events in the international arena

and the growing difficulties with air and road connections with Russia, compatriots in the Russian Federation are advised to think about the necessity of their stay and, if not, to leave the country," the message reads.

The embassy also urged people to buy plane tickets from Russia to Italy in advance due to the increase in their cost.


The US Embassy also urged its citizens to leave the Russian Federation.

They explained that on September 21, the Russian authorities announced mobilization, because of which they may not recognize citizens with dual citizenship (US and Russian Federation) and

prevent their departure from the country and even mobilize. 

"U.S. citizens should not travel to Russia, and those living or traveling in Russia should leave Russia immediately, while limited commercial travel options remain," the embassy said.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria urged citizens not to visit the Russian Federation and to leave its territory.

They explained that everything was

"in connection with the worsening of the situation".

Those who are in Russia are advised to avoid places of mass gathering of people, to take into account the circumstances and the development of the situation.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia asks not to travel to the Russian Federation unless absolutely necessary

"in connection with Russia's military actions."

Holders of dual citizenship were warned that

Moscow considers them as its citizens


Estonians are also asked to register their place of stay on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"We ask Estonian citizens who are temporarily in Russia to consider the importance of their stay in Russia and, if possible, return to Estonia," the statement reads.


The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, Edgars Rynkevičs, called on his fellow citizens to refrain from traveling to Russia, and in the event of a stay there, to leave it as soon as possible.


In view of the escalation of the international situation

, we once again strongly urge: we ask Latvian citizens not to visit Russia, and those who are currently in Russia to leave as soon as possible," the minister said in a statement.


"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises to avoid any trips to the Russian Federation in connection with the war in Ukraine and the recognition of Poland by the authorities of the Russian Federation as 

an unfriendly state

," the Polish Ministry urged.

They emphasized that due to a significant reduction in the number of Polish diplomatic and consular employees in Russia, the possibilities of providing direct consular assistance are very limited.

"In the event of a sharp deterioration in the security situation, closure of borders or other unforeseen situations,

evacuation may be significantly complicated

or even impossible," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland warned.


Romania also urged its citizens to immediately leave the Russian Federation and avoid trips there, unless they are very important.

In addition, Romania advises its citizens in Russia to be careful and 

avoid places of mass gathering of people.

Romanians were also urged not to participate in actions and demonstrations.

We will remind, according to analyst Anatoly Lieven, Russia is ready to fight indefinitely if it annexes the territory of Ukraine after the "referendums" held there.

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