• The wait is over

    For the consideration of Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha's 8-year term, from the beginning of the signing of 171 opposition MPs, which is more than 1 in 10 members of the House of Representatives as specified.

    In submitting a petition to the Speaker of the House of Representatives on August 17, 2022 after much controversy

    Until the whip side, the government has to come out and respond non-stop.

  • Content of the petition to the Constitutional Court

    to check the prime minister

    of the opposition leader, Dr. Cholanan Srikaew, leader of the Pheu Thai Party

    show confidence that

    The Constitutional Court will take it for consideration.

    He wants to consider the office of Prime Minister for 8 years according to the 2017 Constitution, during which the consideration must allow "Big Tu" to temporarily stop performing duties.

    If it is considered that it is true

    must end his term as Prime Minister

    together with all the cabinet

    while waiting for the new government from the election

    to appoint a working group instead

  • The opposition doesn't hold back...

    When the Speaker of the House of Representatives

    Submit the consideration of the Prime Minister for an 8-year term to the Constitutional Court

    With a resolution to be considered unanimously 9 to 0 votes, although the supporters on the government side will come out to express their disapproval

  • The political crux came to light once again as the Constitutional Court considered the suspension of "Big Du", which was posted online.

    to the decision of the judge of the Constitutional Court having a resolution to temporarily suspend the performance of duties.

    Amid the anticipation of the media army

    waiting for the announcement of the Constitutional Court

  • But after that, there was an announcement from the Constitutional Court officials that

    No press releases

    There are only documents for consideration of the Constitutional Court, which has resolved that "Big Tu" suspends the performance of 5 to 4 votes until the consideration is completed.

    Within the month of Sept.

  • During "Big Tu" temporarily stopped performing duties.

    Coming up as a movie in front of the fire instead of "Big Pom" Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan in the position of acting prime minister.

    It is the eye of the political crowd.

    because it was at the same time as the appointment of high-ranking officials such as the Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police

    But Big Pom assured all parties that there would be no interference.

  • Amid the media's attention, "Big Tu" kept in the house for several days.

    Although the government will come out to confirm that "Big Tu" can still serve as the Minister of Defense.

    until it first appeared at a weapon show

    showed confidence

    and not worried about the consideration of the Constitutional Court

  • While waiting for the prime minister's fateful day for 8 years, information was released on social media.

    to the opinion of Mechai Ruchuphan, former chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee

    has interpreted the counting of the prime minister's agenda

    Must start from April 6, 2560, but there has been a controversy on the government side.

    And there are also rumors that

    The Constitutional Court has completed its consideration.

    Before the Secretary-General of the Constitutional Court

    will come out to deny rumors

    Including the lawyer team of "Big Tu" to submit documents for further consideration.

  • September 8, 2022 Political fans must watch again.

    When the Constitutional Court held a special meeting

    There were rumors that a judgment might be made that day.

    But in the end, the Constitutional Court has issued a document confirming that

    There will be a trial of the prime minister for 8 years on September 30, 2022.

  • Since the beginning of the petition for consideration by the opposition party

    Until the judgment day, a total period of 1 month and 13 days, is full of political knots that many people have tried to solve the doubts in which direction, especially the "Big Tu" should be worried about how to survive.

    or fall out of position

    and sent a legal team to listen to the ruling.