If Russia uses tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine, it can destroy itself.

In addition, the Russian Federation is thereby destroying the fundamental foundations of nuclear security throughout the world.

This was

reported by military expert Oleksandr Kovalenko in an interview with


According to him, tactical nuclear weapons differ from others in the power of the missile's warhead.

It can be from one to two kilotons.

While strategic nuclear weapons can contain tens of megatons of charge


"Although if we are talking specifically about the use, then tactical and strategic weapons fall under one position: both are nuclear weapons


Its use actually changes the fundamental foundations of nuclear security in the world


There is a nuclear club of civilized countries, in which there is a country that is not at all civilized, and there is a country that is not at all civilized - this is North Korea.

Although if it wasn't there, North Korea behaves more restrained than the Russian Federation", Oleksandr Kovalenko said.

If any of these countries, the expert says, uses nuclear weapons not during war, but even during exercises, it should inform all other countries about it.

If it does not do this, it destroys the fundamental foundations of security.

"If the Russian Federation uses tactical nuclear weapons, it can immediately turn a large number of countries against itself.

Even those who are supposedly friends.

That is, it is the suicide of Russia itself

," the military expert added. 

You can use nuclear missiles:

  • From aviation.

  • From land installations.

    For example, "Iskanders", which can contain a nuclear warhead.

  • From ships - sea mines can also contain a nuclear charge.

Action distance:

"Actually, there are no boundaries.

Tactical missile weapons can be used even at a distance of more than 500 kilometers.

It can also be placed on other missile weapons: the same X-101, X-55 missiles.

Currently, it is not known how many usable nuclear weapons Russia has.

The conditions in which all this was kept for many years are, to put it mildly, unsatisfactory", Oleksandr Kovalenko stressed.

It will be recalled that the leaders of China and the USA can influence Fuhrer Putin and convince him not to use nuclear weapons.

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