In the direction of the city of Liman on September 26, the enemy advanced a group consisting of 7 tanks to reinforce the Liman group.

Two of them got into a car accident during the march.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov told about it.

"This suggests that the mechanics-drivers are 'zero'. They must not have mastered the controls. In addition, the crews also did not receive the appropriate training. Fire control skills are very important for tankers. That's why I said that the first wave of mobilized there will be suicide bombers. They will simply be thrown into the furnace of war," Zhdanov noted.

We will remind, political expert, journalist and volunteer of the Armed Forces Kyrylo Sazonov reported that Belarus is preparing to receive a large number of Russian personnel and equipment.

All because the 

President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, plans to strike two areas of logistics

 in Ukraine.

We are talking about Kyiv and Volyn.

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