Depression "Noru" weakens to an intense low pressure cell that Ubon province is still flooded.

Desperate villagers eat and sleep on the roadside.

Repeatedly biting mosquitoes

Some people fled the water for the fourth time.

Amnat Charoen Province

Surin Province flooded 9 districts

, while the Department of Agriculture accelerated the repair of broken soil embankments in Khon Kaen.

Korat flooded into the city

Thrilling villagers at the end of the Chao Phraya Dam rush to evacuate while "Chatchat" insists the water does not flood Bang Chan Industrial Estate.

From the depression "Noru" moves into Thailand, the center is at

Ubon Ratchathani Province

Resulting in heavy rain throughout the night of Sept. 28, villagers in chaos gathered their belongings up high.

and evacuated to safety for the second time

Some areas have to live in island conditions.

Officers mobilized to help.

Ubon soil slide along the Mekong

After Typhoon Noru weakened to a depression.

the center of the storm passed

Ubon Ratchathani Province already

By the morning of 29 Sept., it was reported that the impact of the storm caused widespread damage.

Many roads were flooded, such as the Kut Pla Khao community.

Warin Chamrap Municipality

Officials have to bring signs to warn people and close the road across the Mun River connecting to the 100th Anniversary Somdej Phra Srinakarin Bridge.

(Krieng Bridge) enters Muang Ubon Ratchathani while Pol Lt. Col. Poonsak Chumphon, Deputy Superintendent of Khong Chiam Police Station

along with volunteer police officers from Khong Chiam Police Station to assist in the disaster of soil slides at Peerada River View Resort, adjacent to the Mekong River, Khong Chiam Subdistrict, Khong Chiam District, Ubon Ratchathani Province

At two o'clock the Mekong River eroded along the banks.

causing damage to the terraces of restaurants and cafes

The police brought together to move things out of the waterfront room as the ground has a crack.

Another strong surge of water may cause the room to collapse further.

Life is hard, mosquito bites

As for the villagers who live on the Moon River on the side of Warin Chamrap Municipality

had to evacuate the water to stay on the roadside

Next to Wat Saen Samran and the bridge over Kut Pla Khao

It is a road connecting Warin Chamrap City Municipality and Ubon Ratchathani Municipality.

During rush hour, traffic is heavy.

But the villagers had to endure to stay on the side of the road.

because it is near a flooded house

In the middle of the day, I will go back to check.

Inspect building assets to prevent thieves from stealing things.

The residents of the Hat Suan Suk community migrated for the fourth time.

need to come to the side of Wat San Samran

because other areas are fully booked

It rained all night causing mosquitoes to be bitten.

and water flowed through the middle of the tent, life was difficult.

At Wat Pha Sukharam, Warin Chamrap district, a large tree fell on top of the cubicle and the temple wall was damaged.

the trunk to block the road

The overflow dam breaks 5 meters.

The Nong Sok Yai Reservoir, Kham Kwang Sub-district, Warin Chamrap District, with a capacity of approximately 500,000 cubic meters (cu. m), receives water from communities around the Ubon Charoensri Wholesale Market.

Warin Chamrap - Det Udom Road

before flowing into the Mun River

It broke into a hole about 5 meters wide as a dam point to overflow and water erodes the asphalt road connecting Ban Non Kheng to Ban Tae, Tambon Kham Kwang, which cuts through the dam ridge about 5 meters long. All vehicles cannot pass through.

And the water flows overflowing the canal, causing water to flood over 100 rai of pregnant rice fields.

Reservoir hastened to drain

Miss Wanpen Tangsakul, President of Amnat Charoen Provincial Administrative Organization

and Mr. Nattapong


Amnat Charoen City Municipality

Arrange trucks to bring sandbags to distribute to villagers.

to prevent water from spilling into houses in Amnat Charoen municipality communities, such as Lak Muang Phatthana Community, Bung Subdistrict, Mueang Amnat Charoen District

Because the water in the morning flooded the agricultural areas and bypass roads.

as a result of the amount of water in the basin

Collect water in the Buddha Park above the Amnat Charoen city community.

The volume exceeds the capacity of the basin by 117 percent, approaching a critical stage.

causing the irrigation officials to accelerate the drainage of water at full capacity

to prevent damage to the dam ridge

At Ban Kung Chai, Dong Bang Subdistrict, Lue Amnat District, Amnat Charoen Province, there was flooding of 1,000 rai of agricultural land and at Lam Sebok Bridge, Chayangkun Road, the route between

Amnat Charoen Province to

Ubon Ratchathani Province

The water level continues to rise.

Officers placed warning signs on the level of safety for the public to be aware of the situation continuously.

Tree fell on top of pick-up truck, one dead

Sisaket Province, Huai Thap Than Police Station

Received a notification of the pickup truck being crushed by a tree

At Huai Thap Than - Prang Ku Road

Area near Huai Yang

Went to check and found a white Isuzu D-Max pickup truck, license plate number 9971, Surin, a tree obstructing the road.

Inside the car, the body of Mr. Buasorn Pimda, 51, was found sitting in the front seat next to the driver.

and 3 injured people were taken to Huai Thap Than Hospital

Ask if

While running the car along the road, heavy rain hits the wind, knocking down the trees.

Officers then brought a chainsaw to cut down the trees and remove the obstacles from the road.

to open normal traffic

in the city of Sisaket

Water from Huai Samran overflowed the creek, flooding all roads and houses in 10 communities. Villagers migrated to pitch tents on Chalerm Rat Road 60 Years and Thepha Road to Chalerm Rat 60 Years Road had to close on Chalerm Rat 60 Years Road at the intersection of Soi Pracharat.

Waist-high flooding for a distance of 1 km at the Lam Huai Samran floodgate at Ban Pho, Pho sub-district,

Sisaket City

The water barrier is about 12 meters long. It is the point of opening-closing water in the Huai Samran River.

It is considered an important point for drainage to flow out into Kanthararom District before going into the Mun River near Hua Na Dam.

Officials rushed to make repairs.

Roi Et suffers in 13 districts

In Roi Et Province, water overflows from the Chi River, Yang River, Siew Yai River, Tao River and Mun River, causing the water to overflow the banks and flood the agricultural areas adjacent to the river.

and damaged the soil flap

Officials announced the emergency assistance area for disaster victims (flooding), totaling 13 districts, 82 sub-districts, 644 villages and 88,921 rai of rice fields damaged. At Phanom Phrai Road - Mahachai, Udomwit rescue volunteers brought 3 chainsaws to cut giant tamarind trees. Over 70 years old, fell in the road. Cars can't pass, as in Yasothon province. Trees fell in many places.

Officers have cleared the area to open traffic.

Soldiers help move cattle and buffaloes

Col. Narong Wichayanavorawut, commander of the 8th Infantry Regiment (Commander Ror. 8) organized the unit's volunteer forces.

8th Infantry Regiment, Siharat Dechochai Camp

Together with the Khon Kaen security officers to help move pets

After receiving a request for help from Phra Maha Worawut Panyovutho or Luang Ta Noi

Chairman of the Foundation for Education Fund for the Underprivileged

Ban Bueng Ruea Yai Monastery Accommodation, Khok Si Subdistrict, Mueang Khon Kaen District

Help move 153 cattle and buffaloes out of the area after heavy rain and flooding.

Phra Maha Worawut revealed that

The puffed water overflowed the river bank and was unable to drain.

Flowing into the stalls of 153 cows - buffaloes, some animals are sick and need to be moved urgently.

Request for soldiers to help move animals to higher places

Khon Kaen rushes to fill the ridge

due to the lack of an embankment blocking the creek

Located in Ban Khok Na Ngam, Village No. 2 and Village No. 12, Samran Subdistrict, Mueang Khon Kaen District

The water in the big creek flooded the rice fields.

Samran Sub-District Municipality and Irrigation Office 6, Khon Kaen Province coordinated to request troops from Royal Thai Army Camp 23, Sripatcharin Camp.

Help to close the waterway, but not successful.

Most recently, Mr. Nattawat


Director of Nong Wai Water Transmission and Maintenance Project

Irrigation Office 6 revealed that the staff brought the machinery to work with the Samran Subdistrict Municipality.

to block at the point where the embankment is broken

Use eucalyptus wood as a pillar to slow down the water.

Then put more than 50 Big Bag bags down, but the strong current caused the water to shatter the Big Bag bags.

Officers will use sheet piles as retaining walls and water barriers to block the point where the embankment is broken.

believe that it will be completed soon

A former soldier drowned in a dam.

While Pol Lt. Col. Noppadon Dinon Pho, Deputy Inspector (Investigation) of Nong Ruea Police Station, Khon Kaen Province, went to inspect a man who drowned at a dam behind Wat Traimit, Village No. 1 in Nong Kae Subdistrict Municipality.

The diver spent more than two hours in the water until he found the body of Capt. Sanphet Nilwat, 76, a retired military officer.

Ask relatives if the deceased was riding a motorcycle, carrying the dog to park at the overflow dam.

take the dog for a walk

Expect to slip and fall into a fast-flowing dam, causing death.

Surin Uam 9 districts

Surin province, heavy rainfall

Causing high floods in Mueang District, Chumphon Buri District, Tha Tum District, Rattanaburi District, Chom Phra District, Sanom District, Non Narai District, Sikhoraphum District and Samrong Thap District. Lowland areas at the end of Huai Saneng Reservoir, meanwhile, Lam Phok Reservoir, Sikhoraphum District, is another route that supports water from the Phanom Dong Rak Mountain Range through Sangkha and Si Narong Districts. and many roads, the water level is waist high.

Officials closed traffic intermittently. Buriram province flooded 7 districts, including Nang Rong district, Krasang district, Satueuk district, Khaen Dong district, Khu Mueang district, Ban Mai Chaiphot district and Phutthaisong district.

Korat floods the city

From the influence of the storm Noru that blows through Nakhon Ratchasima province, resulting in continuous rain in the area.

Flood waters await drainage on many roads in Nakhon Ratchasima municipality.

Causing traffic congestion, for example, on Ratchadamnoen Road, the flood level is 100 meters long, from the front of the Suranaree Camp, the 2nd Army Region to the area in front of the Nakhon Ratchasima Governor's Mansion.

small cars and cars

Motorcyclists use caution. There are 10 motorcycles parked on the side of the road. Mittraphap Road in the parallel channel has high flooding. Only one lane can be used. At Ban Wang Kum, Moo 14, Nai Mueang Subdistrict, Phimai District, Phimai Province. .Nakhon Ratchasima, the mud water flooded the villages adjacent to the Mun River with high water levels in the middle of the head.

More than 20 homes were affected by villagers.

Lamtakong planted 6 yellow flags

The situation of the water level in the Lam Ta Khong River that flows through the city of Nakhon Ratchasima Recently, Nakhon Ratchasima municipal officials placed 6 yellow flags and 1 red flag, warning people along both sides of Lam Ta Khong to watch out for flooding, consisting of the Friendship Bridge Soi 4. Put the red flag on the yellow flag at VIP Village Bridge, Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital Bridge, Thung Sawang-Sala Loi Community, Suranarai Road Bridge, Koh Loi-Samrong Chan Community

and the Night Ban Koh community

Along with asking the community leaders to inform the villagers to keep their valuables up high

and closely monitor the water situation 24 hours a day

summon a royal bag

Admiral Pongthep Nuthep, Privy Councilor, together with the Rajaprajanukroh Foundation under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King

Invited items to be donated to flood victims in Tak province, amounting to 1,388 sets. Currently, there are flooded areas in 2 districts, 4 sub-districts, 28 villages, 1,388 households, 3,247 people, 8 transport routes were damaged and the area Agriculture 4,250 rai in Nakhon Sawan Province, water in the Nan River and the Chao Phraya River headwaters overflowed the banks and flooded the Ko Yom community, Pak Nam Pho sub-district, Mueang district, with more than 10 houses already affected.

waist-high water level

Villagers have to wade through the water to collect essential items such as cars, motorcycles and electrical appliances.

fleeing the water to the village road

Order to close the red turbid water park

Prarop Plaengngan, head of Khao Lampi-Hat Thai Mueang National Park, Thai Mueang District, Phang Nga Province, said that Khao Lampi National Park

Thai Mueang Beach

Must temporarily close the service to visit Lampi Waterfall.

Due to the amount of rain that fell throughout the night was found.

The amount of water began to turn cloudy red and the water continued to increase.

Afraid that it will not be safe for tourists to swim in the waterfall

Along with organizing the park officials to watch out for the dreaded flash flood situation.

The officials feared it would be unsafe.

It is effective from 29 September temporarily until the situation returns to normal.

The area at the end of the dam rushed to evacuate.

At the Chao Phraya Dam, Chainat Province, officials increased the drainage rate to 2,402 cubic meters/second to maintain water balance above the dam and at the bottom of the dam.

and to accelerate the creation of empty spaces in the river above the dam

Support the northern water mass that will be more from the influence of "storm Noru" continuous rain.

causing the water level at the bottom of the dam to rise hourly

This caused the flood to flood the area of ​​Wat Maprang community, Village No. 5, Phonang Damok Subdistrict, Sappaya District, Chainat Province.

and evacuated from the area. In Ang Thong Province, soldiers helped villagers in Pong Paeng Subdistrict, Pa Mok District, lift things in a shop to escape the water to a height.

Bodhi Tree Thap Sala Worship

Saraburi, heavy rain all night

As a result, flooding on Friendship Road, the main section of km 12-13, Village 11, Ban Pa Subdistrict, Kaeng Khoi District, in parallel, high water levels, small cars must be careful.

The part at Khao Daeng Temple, Sarika Subdistrict, Mueang Nakhon Nayok District

A large Bodhi tree fell over the worship hall and houses.

Branches to connect to wires are broken.

Causing the power outage in Prachinburi Province, flooding the old market community, Kabin Subdistrict, Kabin Buri District

knee high water level

Villagers are in trouble for 80 homes. Soldiers help move things to a higher place in Sena District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. Villagers have been suffering from flooding for more than a week.

Ask the government to come and help

Pathum people build a wooden bridge

Mr. Somboon Panyoi, Mayor of Ban Mai Subdistrict

Pathum Thani City

Along with the village headman, village headman and disaster prevention and mitigation officers went to the area to inspect the houses of the people affected by the flood.

Accelerate the installation of additional pumps

along with packing sand in sacks

To add sandbags to make a water barrier

and help build a wooden bridge to make a walkway for villagers to live on the bank of Rangsit Prayoonsak Canal

affected by the flooding of the house

"Chatchat" insists that the water does not flood the industrial estate

Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok, together with Mr. Weris Amrapal, Governor of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) visited Bang Chan Industrial Estate, Minburi District, Bangkok. that

To build confidence with entrepreneurs and industrial estate developers in the Bang Chan Industrial Estate area

including the people surrounding the industrial estate

For Bang Chan Industrial Estate, there are Khlong Saen Saep and Khlong Lo Lae.

The story of the dam blocking Khlong Saen Saep, Khlong Bang Chan, 5 kilometers, is an enclosed area. If it rains 60 millimeters, there will be no flooding.

The area can receive water 170 mm.

Security guards warn 17 provinces to watch out for the crisis

Mr. Buntham Lertsukhikasem, director-general of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (PWA), director of the Central Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Division (PWA) of the Ministry of the Interior, said he had alerted 17 provinces during the 29th. Sept.-4 Oct., as follows: Northern region, 4 provinces: Lampang, Tak, Phetchabun and Kamphaeng Phet; Northeastern region: 10 provinces: Udon Thani, Chaiyaphum, Khon Kaen, Yasothon, Nakhon Ratchasima, Buriram, Sisaket, Ubon Ratchathani, Amnat Charoen and Mukdahan; and the central region 3 provinces: Lopburi, Saraburi and Prachin Buri.

OBEC explains 374 schools of impact

Amporn Pinasa, secretary-general of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC), said that there were 120 educational areas and 374 schools in the OBEC affected by the floods, said Amporn Pinasa, secretary-general of the Basic Education Commission. Affected are divided into 285 schools in 88 districts and 89 schools in 32 districts, including 8,090 students, teachers and personnel affected

. Normally, 4 schools are schools under the NEPO 3 schools and NEPO 1 schools.

Storm "Noru" weakens.

meteorological department

Depression warning "Noru" is centered around the area.

Mueang Chaiyaphum

It is expected to weaken into an intense low pressure cell in the next phase.

There is heavy rain in some areas in the North.

Northeastern region, central region, including Bangkok and its vicinity, eastern and southern regions, with strong winds in the northeast and central regions. People in the area should beware of the danger of heavy to very heavy rain and accumulated rain.

May cause flash floods and flash floods

especially the hillside slopes near waterways and marshy areas

For people living on the coast, be careful of the dangers of waves crashing onto the shore.

EGAT warns of 3 dams

Mr. Prasert Inthab, Assistant Governor of Renewable Energy Generation

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) disclosed the impact of Typhoon Noru that EGAT's dams with water levels above the Upper Rule Curve (URC) are under the criteria that must be monitored. Be careful of 3 dams: Ubonrat Dam, Khon Kaen Province, Chulabhorn Dam, Chaiyaphum Province, and Sirindhorn Dam.

Ubon Ratchathani Province

It is necessary to add stepped drainage.

To have a gap to support the water from the influence of the storm Noru.

will affect the area at the end of the dam