The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine made public the intercepted conversation of the occupier with his mother.

In the conversation, the woman said that she was satisfied with the mobilization announced by Putit, because not only her son would die, but also his acquaintances.

The occupier's mother:

"Putin announced the mobilization, so wait: now Zhenka and Lyokha will come - everyone will come."


"From 18 to 30 years old - everyone here."

The occupier's mother:

"Up to 55, everyone who is a military serviceman, conscript, who was even in the war, refused, resigned - everyone goes there. Right, right, let them go."

The invader said that there were almost no people left in the ranks of the occupying army.

The woman adds that Putin's decision to mobilize was completely correct.

"I am personally only in favor of Putin's announcement of mobilization. Let them go and help

," she said.

Instead, the son complains that he is tired of the war.

"You live here today, but not tomorrow

," says the Russian.

Earlier, Ukrainian intelligence intercepted the conversation of the occupier, who declared that "this president (Putin) must be removed.

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