The Kaohsiung Student Democracy Alliance issued the "I support 18. Blossoms everywhere" campaign, and the first stop on October 1 was Penghu.

(reported by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

[Reporter Wang Rongxiang / Kaohsiung Report] The Kaohsiung Student Democracy Alliance announced on Facebook on the evening of the 29th that it will launch the "I support 18. Blossom everywhere" action, which will break away from Kaohsiung and the cities where previous initiatives will go, so that the 22 counties and cities in Taiwan will blossom everywhere. , telling all Taiwan and young people how much they care about the importance of 18-year-old citizenship, the first stop this Saturday (10/1) will be Penghu.

The alliance explained that after the third reading of the 18-year-old's citizenship by the Legislative Yuan in March this year, it began to think about various actions and propaganda in the future. And these actions only stop in Kaohsiung.

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The alliance believes that since its establishment, it has communicated with many outstanding student organizations and youth organizations in various counties and cities. Everyone is concerned about different topics and working hard in different fields; and now, it is necessary to connect everyone!

The alliance launched the "I support 18. Blossom everywhere" action, hoping to escape from Kaohsiung and the city where the previous initiative will go. It will blossom everywhere in 22 counties and cities in Taiwan, and tell people and young people in Taiwan how much they care about 18-year-old citizenship. It is very important, and I hope to go to various places to cooperate with various student organizations and youth organizations, and work together for the last mile before the constitutional revision at the end of the year!

This Saturday (10/1), the first stop will be in Penghu. It will cross the island of Taiwan and let the voices of students bloom everywhere. The second stop will be in Taichung the next day (10/2). Welcome everyone to join the ranks, welcome to all places. Partners take to the streets together to promote 18-year-old citizenship!