The Constitutional Court was shocked by the turmoil.

Strict control declared as a restricted area, prohibiting entry from 1 pm on 29 September to 6 am on 3 October "President of the Constitutional Court" cited security agencies to provoke

There may be an unsafe and unsettling incident. The NACC mobilizes 2 custodian battalions, but ISOC insists there is no abnormal news. Prayut stays at home and waits to hear the ruling on agenda 8. Years whispered to close people, nothing stressful.

Ready to accept the verdict, "Big Fort" said there was nothing to worry about, "Rome" flouted to wait for the authority to go to hell with "Uncle Tu", the Pol. Election

shattered order

Use a bias to look at politicians in a negative light.

"Phi Sri" asked the Election Commission to take down the Bhumjaithai Party - Build the Future of Thai Party campaign banner, the Constitutional Court ruled the petition of the opposition coalition party.

requesting the Constitutional Court to decide under the Constitution, Section 170, paragraph three, in conjunction with Section 82 that the Minister of the Prime Minister

Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha ended under the Constitution, section 170, paragraph two in conjunction with section 158, paragraph four?

It has been announced as a controlled area forbidden from entering and exiting from September 29 at 19:00 to October 3 at 06:00.

The constitutional court controls the date of the prime minister's fate

On September 29, at the Office of the Constitutional Court, Building A, before September 30, at 10:00 a.m., the Constitutional Court's Judiciary meeting to discuss and vote on a unanimous resolution on the petition of the opposition coalition party.

submitted through the President of the Council

Ask the Constitutional Court to decide under the Constitution, Section 170, paragraph three, in conjunction with Section 82 that the Minister of the Prime Minister of

Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha ended according to the Statute, section 170, paragraph two, including section 158, paragraph four?

And will sit on the bench to read the ruling to the parties at 15.00 hrs. Officials prepare a place for the media to report live and follow up on the reading of the Constitutional Court judge's decision.

By broadcasting the signal reading the decision from the court room down to the media room at the courtyard on the 2nd floor of the Office of the Constitutional Court.

where closed circuit television and speakers are installed

It will also be broadcast through YouTube of the Office of the Constitutional Court.

so that people can follow up on reading the ruling in another way

without having to travel to the Constitutional Court

Set up a steel barricade to attach the jurisdiction sign.

Reporters reported that

For security measures, adhere to the regulations, the Office of the Constitutional Court controls the surrounding area.

Jurisdiction is tagged.

Organize police forces to maintain order

The police came to see the place and set up a warroom on the ground floor of the office.

Organize officers according to the situation to monitor cases of movement of various groups using police officers.

Thung Song Hong Police Station is the main force.

In the evening, after the staff working inside Building A finished their work, the steel panels were placed along the front of the office.

Show jurisdiction area

as well as preventing people from entering or using the said area

As always, the rulings of the Constitutional Court are considered and read.

Especially the entrance and exit at the entrance to Hall A, there will be a steel panel to block the entrance boundary of the office.

declared as a controlled area

Reporters reported that Mr. Worawit Kangsasitiam signed the announcement of the Constitutional Court.

Regarding the area or area designated for the Constitutional Court and the Office of the Constitutional Court to be used as the place of work

Security and order

It states that according to the Constitutional Court's judiciary has set an appointment to give oral statements, consult and vote on the case of accepting the petition of the opposition coalition party submitted through the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Ask the Constitutional Court to decide in accordance with Section 170, paragraph three, in conjunction with Section 82 that the Minister of the Prime Minister

Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha ended the constitution, section 170, paragraph two, in conjunction with section 158, paragraph four?

And sit on the throne to read the ruling to the parties at 15.00 hrs.

Office of the Constitutional Court that there will be situations where there is something to tell.

or information showing that there may be incidents of insecurity and disturbance.

Do not enter the area 1pm, 29 Sept. – 3 Oct.

The announcement also stated that

In order for the process to go smoothly, an announcement was issued specifying the area or area of ​​the Government Center in honor of His Majesty the King.

Ratchaburi Direkrit Building (Building A) along the boundary line is an outer space for security and order.

Persons and vehicles permitted to enter the area must be inspected by the authorities.

and prohibit anyone from entering the controlled area.

except those who are allowed to work

Or come to contact the government and have to pass the examination of persons and things brought in accordance with the methods of the agency which has a duty to maintain security and order.

It is effective from 29 Sept. at 19.00 to 3 Oct. at 06.00.

The Royal Thai Police organizes 2 Guard Troops

At the Metropolitan Police Headquarters (Bor.Nor.) at 10.30 hrs., Maj. Gen. Rungroj

Thakunrapunyasiri, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, spoke about the preparation and maintenance of peace and order around the Constitutional Court.

at the Government Center

Determine the term of office of Prime Minister

Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha on Friday, September 30, that ordered the Metropolitan Police Division 2 (Bor. Nor. 2) to prepare two police forces to facilitate safety in the area after the court announced. come out as a control area

There is no news that there will be any violence.

Confirm that the police will take full care of the various points to prevent any incidents causing trouble.

People's Brothers

ISOC reveals no abnormal news

At the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC), Colonel Winthai Suwaree, spokesman for ISOC, spoke about the news of the movement of the protesters in the case of the Constitutional Court's meeting to read the ruling. The Prime Minister for 8 years said that ISOC currently has no mission.

All units have been tracked.

Those who have primary duties also perform normal duties.

when asked if

General Prayut

did not go on to work

What will ISOC be like?

Col Winthai replied that ISOC normally has responsibilities under the legal framework.

There are currently no abnormal movements in security.

Standby Army supports police to intercept mob

At the Royal Thai Army Headquarters (Army Forces) on Ratchadamnoen Road, Gen. Santipong Thampiya, Chief of Staff of the Royal Thai Army (Air Force Chief of Staff) as a spokesman for the Royal Thai Army, said that the political situation on September 30 at the Constitutional Court Read the ruling on the 8-year prime ministerial term. The Royal Thai Army continues to function normally.

In the event that there may be a group of political demonstrators, it depends on the request of the police whether or not the military will help to take care of the situation.

Ask the protesters not to let people blow their ears to pressure the court.

Mr. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, the MPs on the list of the Democratic Party, said about the case that the protesters held a rally on September 30 that he wanted all groups to stop the idea of ​​coming out and moving.

because it may be seen as a pressure on the Constitutional Court

Should wait to hear the ruling of the court first.

Don't be too quick to listen to the distorted words of some politicians and come out and join the mob on the streets.

In the past, there have been many cases where

Even the leaders who provoked them to come out to the assembly

has never shown any responsibility

confirm no matter how the court decides

Gen. Prayut is ready to accept the verdict like a military man.

But the political group that came out to provoke

Ready to accept the verdict like a man or not?

or have a flag in mind

The Council sent the SEC to listen to the ruling.

At 10.30 am at the National Assembly, Mr. Chuan Leekpai, Speaker of the House of Representatives gave an interview that

This matter is already stipulated by law.

nothing special

But don't just say anything.

Have to wait for the court to decide first.

If you have to choose a new prime minister, what should you do?

The court hasn't decided yet. Look at Sept. 30. There will be no political vacuum.

Must wait to see the court's decision. On September 30, the Council will send a representative to listen to the decision at the Constitutional Court.

because it is the party that sings as it has

MPs filed a petition

By delegating the power to the Legal Department, the House of Representatives to listen to the ruling.

"Sor. Sor Tae" practice running to light 9 incense sticks

At 09.09 at the National Assembly, Mr. Mongkolkit


A list of MPs and leader of the Thai Sriwilai party brought betel betel nuts, marigold flower garlands, fruit juice, and 9 incense sticks to pay homage to Phra Siam Thevathirat Shrine and the Grandmother's Court in Parliament, asking the Constitutional Court to decide the case for an eight-year term. of Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, based on the principles of the country

Mr Mongkolkit said that 9 incense sticks represent 9 people of the Constitutional Court, asking the judges of the Constitutional Court to think hard to decide the case.

Dedicate your work to your grandchildren

Then practice running around the streets within the parliament for 1 round.

"Big Tu" is not stressed, ready to accept the verdict

Reporters report on the movement of

Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense on September 30, in the morning, Gen. Prayut made merit as usual as usual. Ministry of Defense

To carry out missions as Minister of Defense without any special missions

It is normal work.

“No matter what the outcome of the Constitutional Court's decision on September 30 will be.

are ready to accept in the process

I didn't feel any stress.”

Then go back to follow the decision of the Constitutional Court.

At the residence within the 1st Infantry Regiment, Mahadlek Ratchawanlop, King's Guard

Prawit thanked the retired

At 10:00 a.m., General Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister acting for the Prime Minister.

Traveled to perform missions on the Thai Khu Fah Building for the 2nd time after accepting the position of acting for the Prime Minister by giving officials to the Secretariat of the Prime Minister

(Salon.) Retired 15 people came to bid farewell by General Prawit presenting a set of souvenirs consisting of a drip coffee maker.

Blood pressure gauge, Thai fabric for all retirees

Along with expressing appreciation and gratitude to everyone who performed their duties for the country with diligence, diligence, perseverance, honesty, integrity and sacrifice for the benefit of the nation and the people as well since then at 10.30 at Santi Maitree Building (outside) Gen. Prawit Chaired the meeting of the heads of government agencies at the ministry level or equivalent No. 2/2565 by Gen.

Prawit said at the meeting that

Today is the last meeting of fiscal year 2022 hosted by the Prime Minister's Secretariat.

To thank and bid farewell to the Permanent Secretary

including 14 retired equivalent heads of government agencies, asking everyone to be proud that they are part of bringing the country to prosperity

Told Sep 30th, nothing to worry about.

Later, at 12:45 p.m., Gen. Prawit gave an interview on the case of the opening of representatives of the protesters who settled beside the Government House on September 28 to discuss whether or not all the protesters would return. I don't know what day

He came to plead as the president to help with poverty, land problems, water problems.

and housing problems

He said that he still hasn't got anything.

He only came

When asked if the protesters were seen to have settled next to the palace as a defense against other protesters who would gather on September 30, Prawit denied that he did not know. Asked again whether the protesters did not inform whether or not when they would return.

Gen. Prawit said that he did not inform when asked if it was not a mob to hit a mob or not.

Gen Prawit said no, when asked if there was nothing to worry about on September 30.

Gen Prawit said: "I'm not worried, I'm not worried."

"Jurin" pointed out the exit to seize the imperishable law.

At the Democrat Party, Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Democrat Party leader, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce revealed that from September 30 to October 3, "Jurin On Tour" will be brought to the area. .Phang Nga and Krabi Day 1-2 Oct. Seminar of party MPs in Koh Lanta

Krabi province talks about the rules of

The Election Commission will have a center to help answer questions and concerns of candidates or political parties, helping all parties to strictly comply with the law and understand more.

That the opposition sees that the Coalition has an advantage over 180 days is the duty of the government.

Having to go down and order the various government agencies to solve the problem is normal.

Whoever is the government has to do it.

But the campaign is another matter.

As for the Constitutional Court to decide the term of office of

General Prayut

Everything is in accordance with the ruling of the Constitutional Court.

Everything always has a solution.

there is no dead end

The constitution has already set a path.

Everyone has a duty to comply with the law.

Enhance social media training

Mr. Jurin said that on 29-30 September, the Strategy Committee

The Democratic Party BMA organized a workshop on the topic of “Social Media in Advance”, which is an aggressive activity by the Party BMA team led by Ongart Klamphaiboon, Deputy Leader of the Party Region.

Bangkok as the team leader

Proactive training and use of modern media, especially social media.

Team Political Communication

Bangkok and the party to the people more effectively, with Ms. Watanya Bunnag as a tutor to educate the applicants.

MPs and local candidates in Bangkok

including the entire support team in the future

Next, it must be expanded to every region, while Ms. Watanya Bunnag said that she would describe the topic.

Social media and the new generation of politicians

Emphasizes the importance of multiple social media platforms

to deliver more targeted

"Thavorn" demands "Uncle Tu" not reform is enough

At 9:09 a.m. at the office of the Thai Phakdi Party, Thaworn Senium, former deputy transport minister, applied to become a member of the Thai Phakdi Party, with Dr. Worong Dejkitvikrom, the leader of the Thai Phakdi Party.

with the party executive committee welcomed the membership card

wearing a Thai Phakdi party shirt

ready to be appointed as the chairman of the Thai Phakdi Party

Mr. Thavorn said

The coup d'état on 22 May 2014 aims to end the chaos and eradicate corruption.

But today, let's ask what the government is doing.

Reform is not kept to campaign or to inherit power.

must be exchanged with the blood of the people

Will Prayut stay?

Or who will take responsibility for the government's responsibility on inequality, poverty and education reform?

This government's assistance to the elderly is a campaign.

It's not a sustainable solution.

must reform the country in all aspects

Needs the determination to be a leader of the country, not just speaking and letting his subordinates buy their votes.

Elections in many districts cost more than 100 million baht as a source of vicious circle if Gen. Prayut does not reform the country.

Not suppressing corruption is enough.

Make a solemn mob that spreads the Institute to meet

When asked if on September 30 there was a movement of protesters worried that there might be a disturbance.

Thaworn said he was not worried because there was a law on public gatherings, with police and soldiers to maintain order.

But the important thing is that wrong is wrong, right is right, will there be chaos or not?

with those who gathered to demand

will use citizenship in rallies, but the government, police, and military must use reason

Use the principle of fit to suppress the assembly.

or make the assembly proceed smoothly, accurately, and not illegally. Assembly is a civil right, but must be within the framework.

Except if any political party came out to rally to demand the overthrow of the institution.

will have to fight with the Thai Phakdi Party for sure.

Dare to say with a full mouth that no party is as good at defeating corruption as ours.

will hold a big fundraising event on October 23

at Muang Thong Thani

to fight elections

Focus on anti-corruption policies seriously.

including using innovations to change the country in terms of clean energy to produce electricity

that no party can do

We will drive this.

"Rome" waits to see the power to go to hell with "Uncle Tu"

Mr. Rangsiman Rome, the list of MPs

A spokesman for the Progressive Party (Kor Kor) posted a personal Facebook page that

Again, reiterating that if you adhere to the intent under the 2017 Constitution that you really want to prevent monopoly of power with all your heart,

the position of Prime Minister of

General Prayut

must be deemed to have ended on 24 Aug 65, regardless of whether

General Prayut

will always be an honest person

will be a person who has never benefited his comrades

or abuse of power

As stated in the leaked document

referred to as the argument of

General Prayut or not? (I absolutely do not believe that

Gen. Prayut is that kind of person), but it's about that

You set yourself

Not to stay more than 8 years, what really happened is

Gen. Prayut has been here for 8 years. If you claim to stay a little longer, just a few years, it's okay. Why did you write 8 years in the first place? Let's wait and see if the authority in this country will come back. Can you be conscious?

Or will you go into a deeper abyss with

General Prayut again

Election Commission of Thailand

at the Pheu Thai Party

Pheu Thai Party Spokesperson

Read a statement from the Pheu Thai Party in case of the Election Commission's rules on campaign rules 180 days before the expiration of the House of Representatives, saying that the party believes that the election law must make elections in good faith.

free and fair

applicable to politicians

Political parties and candidates equally, the provisions of the Election Commission

There may be a problem that is contrary to common sense.

The rule of law and traditional practices, such as electoral laws, have never existed before.

But after the coup

Non-Election National Legislative Assembly

Instead, he was the one who considered the election, the 180-day limitation. There was a problem of equality and fairness in political activities before entering the election.

If the election after the dissolution of the House of Representatives requires other provisions

where the time for calculating costs and prohibiting certain actions is shorter

Usually about 60 days, reflecting that the 180-day ban is not good logic, the 180-day condition restricts people's rights and freedoms for too long to be informed of the policy.

causing politicians to be unable to live as usual

The prohibition for quite a long time affects the care and assistance of people in various disasters.

The party is ready to propose solutions in conjunction with the constitutional amendment issue.

to improve the law

The prohibition for quite a long time affects the care and assistance of people in various disasters.

The party is ready to propose solutions in conjunction with the constitutional amendment issue.

to improve the law

The prohibition for quite a long time affects the care and assistance of people in various disasters.

The party is ready to propose solutions in conjunction with the constitutional amendment issue.

to improve the law

negative bias of politicians

Mr. Chusak Sirinil, chairman of the Pheu Thai Party (PA) Legal Committee, said that the big problem lies in the constitution drafters and the electoral law.

have negative views on political parties

therefore has limitations

Intensive check of political parties

It was the era of those who seized power and appointed councils.

Initially, the constitution had to be amended.

Amend the electoral law and political parties.

Change your perspective that political parties are representatives of the people.

There is an observation that I would like the society to see that the extension of the enforcement of the campaign to 180 days before the expiration date of the Legislature.

Too long differs from the time frame accordingly.

The Act on the Election of Members of the House of Representatives, B.E. 2541 (1998), starting from the date of

The Election Commission announced the Election Act and the Election Commission at that time did not focus on compelling the campaign before the Royal Decree, focusing only on recording election expenses, but the current Election Commission emphasizes on forced campaign

issue regulations on campaign methods and prohibited characteristics

It covers the 180 days prior to the expiration of the House of Representatives and is also required to apply to those wishing to stand for election.

This may be a legal issue.

because at the time of doing so, that person had not yet had the status of a candidate for election

prohibition against nature

Contrary to the duties of the MPs

Mr. Chusak also said that

Many of the taboos are contrary to nature.

and contrary to the performance of the House of Representatives, such as those wishing to apply for election

It may be necessary to hold traditional family events, such as funerals, ordination, during prohibited times.

but may qualify as a banquet

Especially during this disaster

But there is a prohibition not to give items to help people who have been affected.

contrary to the performance of the MPs

to take care of the welfare of the people

On the contrary, it does not apply to the case of the Prime Minister or the Minister.

went down to perform duties and had to give things to the victims

Claims that it is the normal performance of the management.

causing an advantage in the campaign

Creating a campaign sign during this period

Controlled even though no new constituencies have been announced

Importantly, the enforcement of this matter was not enforced.

In the case of a sign to welcome the ministers or a sign to publicize the work of the government

Claims that it is not a campaign label.

in spite of the effect of influencing the popularity

either towards the minister or the affiliated political party

Controlling electoral costs and calculating electoral costs is very long, at least 225 days, or seven and a half months, making it difficult to control costs.

There may be a problem with both the law and the facts.

causing advantages and disadvantages

should be reviewed

for the election to be honest and fair

Controlling electoral costs and calculating electoral costs is very long, at least 225 days, or seven and a half months, making it difficult to control costs.

There may be a problem with both the law and the facts.

causing advantages and disadvantages

should be reviewed

for the election to be honest and fair

Controlling electoral costs and calculating electoral costs is very long, at least 225 days, or seven and a half months, making it difficult to control costs.

There may be a problem with both the law and the facts.

causing advantages and disadvantages

should be reviewed

for the election to be honest and fair

"Somchai" submits an examination of the sign for "Big Pom"

At the National Assembly, Mr. Somchai Srisuthiyakorn, chairman of the strategy driving the policy of the Seri Ruam Thai Party

submit a letter

Pol Gen Sereepisut Temeeyves, a list of MPs

Leader of the Seri Ruam Thai Party

as the chairman of the Commission on Anti-Corruption and Misconduct

The council asked to investigate the election illegality of the Palang Pracharat Party candidates in the case of Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, acting in place of the prime minister.

As the leader of the National Democratic Party (PPC), attending the Um Phra Dam ceremony in Phetchabun province, a sign was displayed to welcome Mr. Santi Phromphat, Deputy Minister of Finance and Secretary General of the Democratic Party, as well as the candidate's future MPs.

MP Phetchabun during the 180 days before the 4 year term of the House of Representatives on March 23, 66 by Mr. Somchai said.

The welcome sign was clearly intended for campaigning.

Even though it's attached, it's actually time to take it out.

But there is evidence of both video clips.

Still image that date

Gen. Prawit went to the area, still showing this sign in front of him, asking the Election Commission to investigate the Election Commission to proceed with the law or not.

Committee invites representatives of the Election Commission

And the Election Commission's secretary-general came to clarify the welcome sign for illegal elections or not to be a campaign norm, and will submit it to the Election Commission to examine this case on Oct. 4 to give an opportunity.

The Election Commission examines the facts. If it does not progress after 1 month, it will prosecute the Election Commission at Thung Song Hong Police Station.

"Sereepisuth" made it an urgent matter.

Pol Gen Sereepisuth Temeiwes, the leader of the Seri Ruam Thai Party, said that from complaints, the welcome sign was found to be too large than the size set by the Election Commission, there were also a list of MPs and MP candidates. District 3, intentional campaigning

Motivating the people to choose the people of the Democratic Party through the knowledge of the party leader and secretary-general

As for citing news sources, the Election Commission said this was not wrong, it was protection.

will check that the officer

Who is the Election Commissioner for the news?

Instead of investigating the offence of other parties

back to protect political parties

Mr. Somchai submitted the case to

The committee of audits as a natural person

not about the party

It is an urgent matter to be taken quickly.

"Sri" asked the Election Commission to take the wrong label.

At 10:00 a.m. at the Office of the Election Commission (EC) Mr. Srisuwan Chanya, Secretary-General of the Thai Constitution Protection Organization Association

to present a clue

The Election Commission has investigated the Bhumjai Thai Party (Phujai Thai Party) and the Future Thai Party (CAT) for creating and installing campaign signs.

along the roads across the country

Not in accordance with the Election Commission's regulations, Mr. Srisuwan said that because the Election Commission issued regulations during the 180-day period from investigations, it found that the party's campaign banners and the party's party in some areas were suspicious. in order

Election Commission on Voting Methods and Prohibited Characters in Election Campaign B.E. 2561 and Regulation (No. 3) B.E. 2022

Watchara presents evidence tied to "Je Nut"

At the parliament, Watchara Petchthong, a former MP for the Democratic Party, brought additional documents to investigate the ethics of the case.

The senator is connected to Pol. Lt. Col. Korsasi Buayam or Je Nut, a human trafficking suspect.

Physically assaulting a former female soldier

Passed the Senate Correspondence work for Gen. Singsuk Singprai, chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee, to consider by Mr. Watchara said

Ask the committee to investigate the participation in study trips in the country and abroad.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Yingkonsiri

with the Secretariat of the Senate to act in accordance with the additional evidence submitted in detail

Court releases 8 fronts through gas

At the Criminal Court, the court ordered a temporary release in the case that prosecutors were the plaintiffs against Suphalak Sukcharoen and his eight men for causing chaos in the country.

and other charges

The incident occurred at the Din Daeng intersection.

In the month of Aug. - Sep. '64

It is a continuation of the Thammasat Coalition and a rally with the Liberation Youth Group to expel the Prime Minister at Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road.

Later, Thala Gas Group came out to clash with the traffic police until all 8 defendants in this case were arrested.

The court has considered and ordered the temporary release of all defendants in the amount of bail of 10,000 baht each to wear EM ankle bracelets.

to check the travel control

If violating the insurance contract, a fine of 50,000 baht per person