The self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Oleksandr Lukashenko, and the head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, met for talks.

Nuclear weapons are likely to be the main issue.

Former deputy of the Russian State Duma and businessman Ilya Ponomaryov commented on the situation to "UNIAN".

According to him, Lukashenko wants to agree with Putin on the transfer of nuclear weapons to his country.

Lukashenko has long been making efforts to make Belarus a de facto nuclear state, he said

In his opinion, the Russian president understands that nuclear weapons are "such a double-edged thing" that can be turned against Moscow, so this topic will be in limbo.

"Yes, Lukashenko really wants to agree with Putin on nuclear weapons, because this is a factor of his protection from the West. Therefore, he has long been making efforts to become a de facto nuclear country and, accordingly, so that no Western state can enter his territory. But Putin perfectly understands that this is such a double-edged issue... therefore, I think that he will not be able to agree on this topic," Ponomarev said.

It will be recalled that earlier US President Joe 

Biden warned Putin

 that the use of weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine would have serious consequences for Russia and urged him not to do so.

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