"Dr. Panu Traiwet"

Lecturer of the Department of Earth Sciences

Faculty of Science

Kasetsart University told the

Thai Rath Special News team online.

About the information about

"Hymn Noru" (NORU)

that will hit Thailand on 29 Sept. about various issues that


should know and understand...

"Dr. Panu Traiwet" Lecturer of the Department of Earth Sciences

Faculty of Science

Kasetsart University

How terrifying is Typhoon Noru:

“The nature of storms coming from the Pacific Ocean

before coming to Thailand

must pass through the neighboring countries

Vietnam and Laos first

When a storm makes landfall, the intensity tends to decrease and it's not a big concern.”

However, the influence of the storm inevitably causes heavy to very heavy rainfall at certain times.

before gradually starting to fall gently alternately

During the light fall, it may be a long fall or it may fall all day.

Then gradually switch to heavy falls, etc., which at this point will have to keep an eye on each other.

Typhoon Noru and the Great Flood :

“The question for this is

Worried about the amount of rainfall from Storm Noru will mix the factory with the depleted northern waters, causing major flooding?

What must be considered is the overview after this.

How many more storms will follow?”

That's because... a single storm can't fill the dam and cause a crisis.

It will require many more storms.

So it can cause a crisis like the Great Flood of 54.

Rain strength from Storm Noru :

“If it is an urban area

Will cause flash floods or water to drain up, for this reason, urban areas.

that storm norou crossed

must prepare to cope well.”

New storms that may occur in the future:

“Between September and October is the season of storms and will have the heaviest rainfall in Thailand.

Therefore, the chances of a new storm will follow after this.

So there is still a possibility.”

Global warming and the intensity of storms :

in principle

Global warming has an effect on increasing the intensity of storms.

In which year will there be more or less storms or how much the intensity level has increased?

It is largely determined by the El Niño effect, which increases the temperature in the Pacific Ocean.

However, this year 2022 will be the year of the

"Lanilla phenomenon"

, which makes the temperature of the Pacific Ocean warmer than usual.

even increased humidity

and lead to further heavy rainfall than usual

which is considered a normal cycle of nature

Compare 2011 and 2022 :

“In my personal opinion, I don't think it's the same.”

If you look back at the 2011 data, you will find that the amount of water almost overflowed the dam since the beginning of September of that year. various

Not as high as in 2011 at all.

Things you should know about storms:

“Everything in this world uses energy.

and the source of energy is sunlight.”

Storms are caused by sunlight falling over the ocean.

until it is heated until it becomes low pressure

When it becomes low pressure, it will absorb water vapor together until it forms a

"storm" .


, “water”

is the origin of the


, therefore whenever it moves ashore, it means that the


has reached the end of its life.

For this reason,

the "storm"

with the highest intensity is

"An unknown storm"

because it takes place in the middle of the ocean that does not affect

"human beings".

Methods for determining the severity of a storm:

“The main thing is the wind volume and low pressure in the center of the storm.

The lower the barometric pressure, the stronger the storm.”

Special news team, Thairath Online reports.

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