In addition, such drones fly at a low altitude, so it is difficult for air defense forces to detect them.

Nataliya Gumenyuk, the spokeswoman of the OC "South", informed about this at a briefing on September 28.

"Their characteristic feature is flying at low altitude, which is why it is difficult for air defense forces to detect them. But they are quite loud, you can hear them even at night.

It is similar to the sound of a moped engine or a chainsaw.

If people hear such a sound, they should go to shelter and avoid places where these drones can be directed," Humenyuk noted.

The representative of the Armed Forces also reported that the Russian occupiers use the Shahed-136 to strike infrastructure objects, not military units or crowds of people. 

However, these kamikaze drones are not very effective, the spokeswoman noted.

After all, since September 10, more than 30 such drones were detected in the south of Ukraine, of which 22 were shot down.

Only 10 two-horned rons hit their targets, but not all of these attacks were effective.

We will remind, earlier in OK "South" explained why Shahed-136 can attack only the south of Ukraine.

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