Young Sergeant

Underwater Armed Forces, Torpedo Division, Naval Ordnance Department, Sattahip, very confused, sat down to eat and dip, someone told me. The commander sat at a table next to him and asked if he knew him before. There was a big guy who looked stern but wasn't a soldier.

Walking to hurt the body to the table 

The page wants to be famous. Let's do it. Return part 5.2 has posted a clip indicating the message.

"This area, the savage mother.. not the locals can't check in.

Sit and eat all of a sudden.. Got physically attacked in the middle of the table.. Who is big on social media, please check.

- At Sattahip .. his nephew is a sailor to sit and eat and ask for justice.

give it to me

I sat down to eat my food and suddenly came across this.”

by asking if you know this soldier

by saying the name

Commander in the Navy

The photographer was only waiting to answer questions.

As for the slapper who claimed to be sitting with the judge saying the clip owner had no respect, he had to preach.

After slapping, he came to find another story.

until the troll-headed man sitting at another table had to pull it out. Watch the clip here.

Sergeant Pannathorn Prasitthiwet, 22 years old, under the Underwater Weapons Division, Torpedo Division, Naval Ordnance Department, Sattahip District, Chonburi Province, said that on the day of the accident, he sat down to eat dipping sauce. with a brother telling me to know this commander, please come and say hi

So I went to Sawasdee, but one person showed dissatisfaction.

This person was not a soldier, showing dissatisfaction and saying that he had no respect at all.

Then walked to the table and said that I don't know the commander?

before coming to harm them

Which has already filed a complaint with the police at Sattahip Police Station.