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The oldest chimpanzee in Guinea has died, AFP reported.

The chimpanzee was among the last remaining members of an iconic endangered group. 

Fana was 71 years old.

She was born around 1951 in the Bosu jungle.

This jungle is one of the first places where scientific observation of chimpanzee life began.

According to Guinea's environment ministry, the chimpanzee withdrew into solitude before it died. 

After Fana's death, there are only six or seven chimpanzees left in Bossu.

Half are female, but two of them are incapable of reproduction. 

In recent months, Fana the chimpanzee has shown signs of fatigue.

25 years ago, Fana suffered paralysis of her left upper limb after falling from the branches of a tree.

Unable to climb for a long time, she spent more and more time away from the group. 

Forest chimpanzees have learned to dig wells for water

The chimpanzee's body was found on September 19.

It was buried on September 20 in the presence of forest guards, according to photos published on local websites. 

There is a strong bond between humans and monkeys living in Bosu.

Chimpanzees live in the wild, but once shared territory and resources with humans.

According to local beliefs, chimpanzees carry the spirits of ancestors and protect settlements from destruction. 

By 2003, the Bosu chimpanzee group was stable, numbering 21 primates.

This year, however, seven members of the group have died from the flu.

The species also suffers from human activity, notes BTA.