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The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommended that Romanians who are in Russia leave the country "as soon as possible" and that those planning such trips should avoid them if they are not essential, Digi 24 TV reports.

The ministry also advises Romanians in Russia to avoid public gatherings, not to participate in protest actions and to register their presence on a specially created electronic platform.

The Foreign Office today published a series of recommendations aimed at Romanians in Russia "in the context of recent developments in the Russian Federation, including the announcement on 21 September 2022 of partial mobilization".

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"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds and strongly repeats the recommendations made to Romanian citizens back in February of this year to avoid unnecessary trips to the Russian Federation, and those who are temporarily in this country to consider leaving the territory of the Russian Federation as soon as possible soon", stated in a ministry announcement, quoted by BTA.

At the same time, the Ministry recommends that Romanian citizens in the territory of the Russian Federation exercise caution, avoid public gatherings or gatherings of many people and do not engage in protest actions or other demonstrations that may cause violence.

The ministry recommends that Romanian citizens who are on the territory of Russia "immediately register their presence through the platform, accessible both for a personal computer or laptop, and for a mobile phone."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania emphasizes the importance of constant information from reliable and official sources and taking all possible measures to ensure the personal security of citizens.

The institution also provides telephones for contacting the Embassy of Romania in Moscow and the consulates in St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don.