Shen Huihong (right), candidate for the mayoral election of DPP Hsinchu, visited Xiangyin Academy. Lai Xinji (middle), the founder of "Teacher Aji", shared his thoughts on developing Maker Education courses and promoting the spirit of self-maker for many years.

(Photo by reporter Cai Zhangsheng)

[Reporter Cai Zhangsheng/Bamboo City Report] Happy Teachers' Day!

Shen Huihong, a candidate for the mayoral election of DPP Hsinchu, recently visited Xiangyin School. The founder of "Teacher Aji", Lai Xinji, shared with Shen Huihong how he has devoted himself to developing Maker Education courses and promoting the spirit of self-maker for many years. The two also exchanged views on "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" and "Flipped Education". Shen Huihong said that the creativity and innovation shown by self-made creators has always been the direction that the government will follow and strive to promote. She specially chose to visit "Mr. Aji" before Teachers' Day. , in addition to paying tribute, it also promises to promote the spirit of self-made, so that everyone can find their own stage in Hsinchu.

Under the sharing and introduction of Lai Xinji, Shen Huihong played the creative textbook "Secret Room Board Game" developed by Xiangyin School, and experienced digital manufacturing machines such as 3D printers and laser cutters. During the process, Lai Xinji also did not forget to take a class test , asked the name of one of Shen Huihong's works. Shen Huihong recognized the work as the Hsinchu State Hall. Shen Huihong said that she has worked hard for the city in the Hsinchu State Hall for the past eight years, and she is confident to lead Hsinchu City to continue the glory of the city in the future.

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Lai Xinji said that Xiangyin Academy has been committed to promoting Taiwan's hands-on creative ability for many years, and hopes to create a co-creation environment through self-made and hand-made methods. For example, "Secret Room Board Game" is a platform for linking puzzle-solving games and big data. , teachers can design their own course content, so that children can achieve the goal of educational gamification through the method of "learning to play and learning to play".

Lai Xinji said that in addition to the development of "Secret Room Board Games", Xiangyin Academy also organizes the "Homemaker Carnival", which invites homemakers from all over Taiwan, and uses creative booths, workshops, and forums to attract more people. Understand the spirit of the maker, and also cooperate with the Hsinchu team to create the value of the maker through local cooperation.

Shen Huihong said that every self-maker starts with "what they want to make by themselves", and uses creativity to transform waste materials and second-hand materials into innovative items that are of great help to life. These things are not just simple objects or tools. , and also contains the infinite wisdom and creativity of the creator. After serving as mayor in the future, he will continue to promote the spirit of “innovation and entrepreneurship” and “flipping education” of the creator, and create a good stage, so that every citizen can live here. The city is glowing.