Rao Qingling (middle), candidate for Taitung County mayor, was accompanied by people from the educational circles today, explaining his political views on education.

(Photo by reporter Huang Mingtang)

[Reporter Huang Mingtang / Taitung Report] Rao Qingling, a candidate for Taitung County mayor, proposed today (28) the "3+1 Education Formula" that blooms Taitung's educational political views.

Rao Qingling believes that in the past four years, from the improvement of hardware facilities such as beautifying toilets, aesthetic classrooms, and corner gardens, to the adjustment of software teaching strategies such as the establishment of entrepreneurial clubs and friendly classes, it has been successful to reduce the dropout rate and make the school a place that students like to come to.

Rao Qingling recounted his educational achievements in the past four years, including the abolition of the head of discipline, the management of friendly classes, the replacement of management with services, the replacement of 15,613 sets of desks and chairs in the county's primary and secondary schools, the renovation of 304 school buildings, 87 old toilets, and 56 campuses Dormitories, newly built and renovated 188 sports venues and game fields.

This year, we will send out lightweight spine-protecting schoolbags exclusively for primary school freshmen across the county.

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Rao said that for the first time in more than 20 years, the school has achieved zero drop-out on campus, reversing the problem that Taitung's drop-out rate was the highest in the country in the past. The drop-out rate on Taitung's campus in the past two years has been much lower than the national average, and the resumption rate has reached 100% in the 110 academic year. .

Rao Qingling said that if you care about your children, you should also care about your teachers.

Be sure to free up the teacher's time first.

Reduce administrative work and simplify evaluation.

Teachers have terrifying study hours during the holidays. We changed the study hours to compulsory and elective, and returned the teachers to the children.

Rao Qingling proposed the "3+1 Education Formula" in educational politics, with "safe and secure learning environment", "basic academic ability construction", "character literacy" plus "innovative education" as the policy goals of education.