We are talking about Volyn and Kyiv.

Kyrylo Sazonov, a journalist, political expert, volunteer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reported this in a video message on the Internet.

"Good things are not enough. In Belarus, after the meeting between Lukashenka and Putin, where they did not announce anything serious, a very

serious modernization of the railway and the entire infrastructure began.

These are lifting unloading platforms, these are shunting locomotives, these are access roads - logistics to railway junctions and reconstruction" "Zyabrovki" is another airport, the journalist informed.

He explained that Belarus is clearly going to receive a large number of personnel and equipment. 

"All contracts are conducted by Russian companies - not Belarusians. All contracts are scheduled for two months - October, November. In two months, the entire reconstruction should be completed," added Sazonov.

"This suggests that 

"Pytun" is going to transfer a large amount of manpower to Belarus and strike in two directions of logistics.

This is Volyn - to cut off the supply of Western weapons, and Kyiv is his idea-fix, because this is the only way to force Ukraine enter into negotiations," the military officer said.

He also reported that Ukrainian intelligence received information on the food supply of the seconded so-called staff.

It is about the Russian contingent on the territory of Belarus.

"So, it was calculated to feed the seconded personnel for 36,000 people, then for 38, then for 41,000. Now, according to information, Belarus is ready to feed the seconded personnel

in the amount of 170,000 people

," Sazonov informed.

It is obvious that they will complete the reconstruction of railway infrastructure and airports in Belarus by winter, the expert believes.


And in winter, when the swamps freeze

and become passable for equipment, we should wait for the "guests". The General Staff of Ukraine understands this very well and they are waiting for the "guests", he summarized.

We will remind you that the day before, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that they could not rule out any threats from Belarus, so the "Northern Storm" training was continued.

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