Trainings are free for everyone.

Both women and men sign up for them.

Basic training lasts three weeks.

Anyone who needs it can extend it. 

This is reported in the story of TSN.19:30. 

Military training takes place at an abandoned factory in Lviv.

Most of the students - without any military experience, did not even serve in the army.

Training is held in the morning so that students have time for the main work.

Engineer-instructor Oleksiy learns to put a tourniquet on a friend.

He says that the main thing here is speed and drag.

First, training in tactical medicine.

And then team work.

The task is to clear the building from the enemy.

All participants in military exercises are civilians.

Military instructors from the USA teach them how to handle weapons and the basics of fighting the enemy.

"The most important thing in all aspects of training is teamwork. Some people like to compete. It's good for health and helps everyone work better. But remember: in teamwork, taking care of your neighbor is the most important thing," he says. US military "Chip". 

Oleksandr, a resident of Lviv, has already completed a three-week basic military course and stayed for an additional one - to improve the acquired skills.

He wants to prepare as much as possible for the meeting of the mobilized Rashists.

"The basic course is three weeks, it includes: assembling and disassembling a Kalashnikov assault rifle, moving in groups, gesture commands, reaction to an ambush, setting up an ambush, working in such closed spaces as you see now," says fitness trainer Oleksandr Salo.

Education is free.

The courses are conducted by American military personnel of various specialties: among them are marines, mortarmen, and scouts.

The only thing that those who want to sign up for courses are warned about is that you need to have your own equipment and ammunition.

Dummies are issued here instead of weapons.

Whether it will be necessary to apply this training in practice - the training participants do not know.

But they want to be ready if they are called to defend the Motherland.

We will remind you that in Kyiv, trainings on pre-medical care are held.

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