The message states that the state of emergency will be in force in the Aluksne, Bal and Ludzen districts of the country.

The regime also applies to ports, airports, border crossing points and railways.

The Latvian authorities are closing the Pededze border crossing in order to reduce the flow of Russians.

The state border service of the country has received an order to increase surveillance of Russian citizens crossing the border.

Earlier, Latvia decided not to issue humanitarian visas to Russians who want to avoid military mobilization, or to let them across the border if they already have a Schengen visa.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country explained this as "security considerations".

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, following Bulgaria and Estonia, recommended its citizens to leave Russia and refrain from traveling to the country.

  • On September 21, Vladimir Putin announced "partial mobilization" for the continuation of the war on the territory of Ukraine.

    According to him, citizens who are in reserve are subject to military service.

    Defense Minister Siarhei Shaigu said that "in the course of partial mobilization, 300,000 reservists will be called up."

    A number of sources claim that the authorities plan to mobilize about a million citizens.

  • After the announcement of the mobilization, tens of thousands of Russian citizens left the country's borders, multi-kilometer traffic jams formed on the borders with neighboring states.

  • The Russian authorities can prohibit the departure of conscripts from the country - first of all, men of the age suitable for mobilization.

    This is reported by the publications "Verstka", "Meduza", "Sota" and the channel "Khodarkovsky LIVE" with reference to anonymous sources, including those close to the Kremlin and the FSB.

  • Two sources of "Meduza" reported that the borders will be closed, possibly on September 28.

    According to the source of "Verstki", the ban will come into force by September 30.

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