7 "Maimeng" Green Councillor candidates went to the old shop "Guy Body" this evening to support local snacks.

(Photo by reporter Huang Liangjie)

[Reporter Huang Liangjie/Kaohsiung Report] The Kuomintang Kaohsiung mayoral candidate Ke Zhien and fellow party member Chen Ruocui joined together to "eat and broadcast" the day before. Chen Ruocui made a slip of the tongue in the live broadcast. The store is still open and has not collapsed. After Chen apologized to the store yesterday afternoon, Tong Yongyu, his opponent of the Green Army in his constituency, invited the Democratic Progressive Party's "Mai Meng" congressional candidates to the store to taste them together, shouting "Gu Kaohsiung, Gu Weiwei" , take care of your body", and "Eat and Broadcast" also invites the public to take practical actions to support local stores.

Last night, Tang Yongyu invited "Maimeng" members Lin Huixin, Chen Qinghong, Huang Zhenlin, Su Zhirong, Huang Yanyu, and Hong Cunming to support local merchants to promote Kaohsiung cuisine, and emphasized that the well-known old shop "takes care of the body" medicine head pig feet noodles, Just next to the campaign headquarters of Blue Camp member Chen Ruocui, the store did not close down two years ago.

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Tang Yongyu said that the members of "Maimeng" gathered on "Gu Body" to broadcast the live broadcast to express their concern for the old Kaohsiung store. She emphasizes that she will work hard for her hometown step by step, and stick to the sincere protection of local old shops, and to know each other and cherish each other, because this is the kindness and value of Kaohsiung people, Kaohsiung The cornerstone and the driving force of progress.

After tasting the delicious food, the 7 members of the "Meimeng" asked the representatives of public opinion to rely on facts and scientific evidence when supervising policies, not to be irrational and like to sing Kaohsiung, "Kaohsiung is our home, and things are going in a positive direction. ”, the home will be better, and at the same time, we call on the public to take practical actions to support local shops.