Yes, the other day, they used a plastic cup to set the occupiers' car on fire.

This is reported by "Operative ZSU".

The video shows how Ukrainian defenders from the 60th brigade of the Armed Forces tested another invention.

They attached a plastic cup with an incendiary mixture to the drone and dropped it from a height and aimed straight at an enemy car parked in a forest lane.

The glass fell on the front of the body, and the mixture ignited.

We can say that the first test was successful.

The "cup explosive" will be improved and will continue to be used against the enemy.

We note that Ukraine respects international law, so Russian servicemen have the opportunity to voluntarily surrender.

To do this, you can call the following numbers: 

+38-066-580-34-98, +38-093-119-29-84. 

A chatbot "I want to live bot" ( was also created, where applications from military personnel are accepted.

We will remind that the Russian occupiers tried to conduct an offensive operation with tanks in the Kherson region. 

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