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A man in Mumbai, annoyed by being pulled over his scooter that was parked in a no-parking zone, tried to crush him while trying to forcibly take him away from a traffic policeman.

Both the youth and his wife have been arrested.

The incident happened on Monday afternoon, the couple was kept at Patankar Park police post in Nalasopara, Mumbai.

It is alleged that Brajesh Kumar Bhelouria and his wife Dolly Kumari Singh abused policeman Pragya Shivram Dalvi.

After this, Bhaloria tried to forcefully take the scooter, but the policeman tried to stop him at the gate.

However, he did not stop and while shouting with his wife, Bhelauriya tried to bring down the police officer.

They dragged the policeman for some distance and took him on the road, causing serious injuries to his arms and legs.

Bhelouria alleged that the policeman had been targeting him for months.

Later, both he and his wife were arrested and charged with the incident.

The entire incident was recorded on video by an eyewitness.