Russia continues to pursue an aggressive policy.

Thus, the aggressor country held "referendums" in the occupied parts of Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions.

The results of the pseudo-referendums simply shocked TV presenter Andrii Bednyakov.

In particular, the showman showed a photo showing how people actually vote.

The picture shows a lot of blank forms.

"The Russian referendum," the TV presenter captioned the picture.

Andriy Biedniakov ridiculed the results of pseudo-referendums / Photo:

Bednyakov also noted that the results of pseudo-referendums cause only laughter.

The showman sarcastically commented why Russia didn't draw even bigger numbers.

The showman also pointed out that the population of the Zaporizhia region is much larger than the aggressor country claims.

"And why not 102 percent!? Also: the population of the Zaporizhzhia region is 1.638 million," noted Andriy and added a smiley in the form of a clown.

Andriy Biedniakov ridiculed the results of pseudo-referendums / Photo:

It should be noted that in the evening of September 27, Russian mass propaganda media began to spread information about the completion of the counting of "votes" in the occupation "referendums".

The occupiers "painted" that the majority of residents of four regions of Ukraine, who were forced to "vote" at gunpoint, voted for "joining" it.

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