Fake expression of will and "painted" numbers of Russians in


-referendums is an absurdity that will not change anything.  

Pavel Vyshebaba, commander of the 68th separate hunting brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, told Channel 24 about this.

The military man emphasized that no one takes the "referendums" that the Russians organized in the occupied territories seriously.

Therefore, they will in no way influence the plans of the General Staff and the Ukrainian military regarding the de-occupation of our territories.

"Whether there was a so-called "referendum" or not - everyone is deeply indifferent. So indifferent that it's "inconvenient", Vyshebaba said.

He also said that

there are very serious resistance movements in the temporarily occupied territories


People are fighting, spreading information, organizing sabotage - they are very much waiting for the Armed Forces.

"The so-called underground - many history books will be written about it. Believe me, Ukrainians continue to commit heroic deeds in the occupied territories. Ours provide them with the necessary equipment and funds for all these sabotages. People are preparing for de-occupation, they are definitely waiting for us there." , - summed up the military man.

It will be recalled that

Britain's ambassador to the UN called Putin's "referendums" a farce.

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