Su Nan asked for less than 20,000 yuan for the incident, and rushed to the barbecue shop to shoot.

(Photo by reporter Wang Jie)

[Reporter Wang Jie/Tainan Report] Shootings occurred one after another in the eastern and southern districts of Tainan. The suspect was a man surnamed Su with a drug record. The trigger only fired 1 shot, the others were duds, and even 1 shock bomb was thrown and it didn't explode.

Su Nan's mother and girlfriend were suspected of helping him escape. The police arrested him with a warrant and asked Su's mother to contact Su Nan, and then the police would arrest him.

It is rumored that Su Nan threw bullets and fired again in a large array, just for the siege cost of less than 20,000.

The Tainan District Court is expected to open a detention court this morning (29th).

When Su Nan was young, he was a gangster in the southern district. , many brothers on the road gave him a bad evaluation.

He once made trouble with some groups, but he didn't ask for much money. The people on the road didn't want to mess with him, so they gave him a little money.

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This time, Su Nan chose the owner of the barbecue restaurant to ask for "surrounding expenses". He knew the owner, and he also opened a PUB and established a "community" to participate in various affairs.

Strictly speaking, the boss does not have a gangster background, but for the police, there are often disputes in the boss's store, and Su Nan learned that the boss has a need for trouble, and asked the boss for "a salary" through the shareholders. PO Facebook, making things a big deal, Su Nan suspected that he had a face problem, and tried to prove his strength with a modified pistol, and then two shootings occurred.

The first time Su Nan shot, it was at the car of his boss friend, and after driving, he went to Taichung to avoid.

But he ran back the next day and pointed his gun at the boss. He fired several duds and finally shot one. The boss wanted to flee to the back door. Su Nan threw a shock bomb, but it didn't explode.

The police found that Su's mother helped Su Nan escape, and applied to the district attorney's office for arrest warrants. Su's mother did not want to delay her work, and later agreed to the police to call her son Su Nan to surrender, but the police found Su Nan's trace earlier and arrested him. , was transferred to the Southern Prosecutor's Office, and the prosecutors detained him, but it was past 11 o'clock in the night when Su Nan was transferred to the Southern Court. The Southern Court is expected to open a detention court today.

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